A numbers game

Scott is driving me crazy with his current numbers obsession! He is forever counting and asking about ages. “What age will I be when you’re 52?” “What age do you think that boy is?” “What age is Ben Gunn?” He was completely dissatisfied with my answer to “How many days have there been ever?” My reply of millions and millions was not satisfactory and was then asked, “More than 82?” “What about 57?” He falls asleep at night counting. The numbers comes a close second to words – phonics. “What does that start with?” “How many letters are there in my name?” We spent about half an hour sifting through his plate of alphabet spaghetti finding names to start with every letter of every mouthful!

On Friday I had the morning to myself as I was off and Scott still had pre-school. I prepped this “crocodile” for lunch.

SAM_7892 SAM_7891I got the idea from an Annabel Karmel recipe book and adapted it a little. The green jelly for grass was all my own idea. Annabel suggested cress, but I didn’t think that would go down as well! Scott had cousin Jude over for lunch and a play so the croc was a hit and all the fruit was demolished.

I managed to fit in a run on Friday morning and frustratingly round ligament pain is still a problem. It is annoying as otherwise I feel good to go for a more pacey run. I don’t think it is going to go away though so I am just going to have to live with going slower.

photoThe Bump is desperately trying to escape from this top!

I took Scott swimming after Mini Kickers on Saturday and I have to say I am fed up with the water being so uncomfortably cold. Even the showers were freezing. Roll on the warmer temperatures.

Another: Does my bump look big in this? shot:

photo 1Scott kept telling me I had a big tummy – all day! Cheers, wee man!

Billy and I went to see Kingsman at the pictures last night. It was lovely to get a night out, but the film wasn’t really my cup of tea. Unfortunately, I woke this morning feeling sick and I am having a bit of bad time with my stomach at the moment. I have been lying on my side since we got back in this afternoon and am feeling decidingly uncomfortable. I had to make an emergency Gaviscon purchase while we were out today and the Braxton Hicks contractions have continued to come and go. I feel so much heavier than I did by this stage last time round. I still have 3 months to go and feel enormous.

An uncomfortable 3 miles today:photo 2

27 weeks 5 days bump – Scott says “Eek!”:SAM_7899 SAM_7901Scott’s other current obsession is baseball. (Daddy has definitely driven this one!) He loves The Sandlot Kids movie and is  very keen on playing catch – a lot. I get into trouble if I don’t reach my baseball glove high enough or dive for the ball. He has quite the pitcher’s arm on him and he catches better than me. Our trip to Gourock Park this afternoon:


SAM_7896 SAM_7895Here’s to a Monday off tomorrow and getting through another week. I feel so much better the closer I get, knowing the baby is growing and developing a bit more. Every week is a land mark. 🙂


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