26 weeks cooked

We went to Mini Kickers on Saturday morning and this was enough exertion for me so I took Scott to softplay in the afternoon.

He insists he wants a Slushie every time, then barely drinks it:

SAM_7869 SAM_7871 SAM_7872

We also made some dinosaur cakes on Saturday:

SAM_7873 SAM_7880

I ran 3 miles today and have realised that I need to run extremely slowly to avoid round ligament pain. I am still experiencing quite a lot of stretching pain when stationary, and it is even worse when I am on the move. It feels like the worst stitch that won’t go away. I feel as if baby is most at home right on my ribcage too which is very uncomfortable.

The hat stayed on right till the end this time – very cold!SAM_7883

I am incredibly tired most of the time and other symptoms are including a lot of what I hope are just Braxton hicks contractions. They can be quite intense and uncomfortable and I think I have got myself a bit paranoid about the possibility of pre-term labour after it was mooted as a possibility at the hospital a couple of weeks back. I really want this baby to hang on full term – for obvious health reasons and because I still have a lot of getting ready and working to do before May 5th. I know that stressing about it doesn’t help, but easier said than done!

Today we went to celebrate cousin Ethan’s 6th Birthday. We all had a lovely time, especially Scott with one of his best big buddies.

SAM_788626 weeks 5 days bump. On Tuesday I enter the 3rd trimester. I am trying to take it a week at a time and hope that the longer the baby stays in there cooking the better.

SAM_7887 SAM_7889

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