Getting big

I am starting to feel big and uncomfortable which isn’t great with 14 weeks still to go. I am getting a lot of pressure in the bladder region and also feel like my stomach is going to burst right out sometimes. After eating, this feeling is even worse! Round ligament pain has been particularly bad this week and I feel like my stomach is being majorly stretched. I am sure I am having a big one this time round! Running really hasn’t been a pleasure this week and the ligament pain can be unbearable. I am hoping I am not going to have to knock running on the head so soon. I did a 3 mile run yesterday and was uncomfortable for most of it.

SAM_7860I ended up very tired yesterday as Billy took Scott out to softplay and I managed to get the rest of Scott’s clothes sorted and categorised. it is interesting with some of the clothes that I have decided are unisex. Will I think the same if I have a girl? Speaking of the gender of Junior, Scott has become determined that we are going to have a boy. He has told Billy he will cry if it is a girl and yesterday he talked to my tummy saying, “Hello wee baby, it’s your big brother. I hope you’ve got a willy in there!” We are trying to reinforce the – you get what you get and you don’t get upset mantra!

Today, Billy and I had a shopping trip together just the two of us. We had fun, but were not particularly successful. We are definitely out of shopping practise! I also struggled to find anywhere that sold any maternity wear. Billy did suggest I could just buy something in a few sizes bigger, but it doesn’t quite work like that.

I am feeling whale like and sluggish. My legs get sore after walking and I am going to bed exhausted. Nice to think this time a year ago I was training for a marathon and this year I feel like an unfit blimp!

25 weeks 5 days:


I have a feeling this interloper may appear a lot from now on…..


My next job is to look out and sort the pram/car seat/carrycot for baby. I am hankering after a pram like this too (with an infant car seat as well so I can use it from a few weeks):

Productpictures_BOBRevolutionPro_Red_4Something to aim for in the running department postpartum.

On the plus side, no hospital trips this week! 🙂

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