Snow fun (when you bump your head)

Well, it has been a challenging week! I managed to give my head a good dunt yesterday on a cupboard door. I was bent down to get something out of the fridge and forgot the cupboard door above me was open and stood up and smacked my head right into it. I grabbed my head in pain and soon realised blood was dripping down. The floor around my feet was soon covered in dripping blood as I clasped my head. I shouted Scott who seemed more amused than upset. He followed my instructions to get a towel and my phone. I successfully got hold of Billy and meanwhile Scott told me that I “better get all the blood cleaned off the floor before Daddy gets home because he will be furious”. Fortunately, Billy was not furious! By this time the bleeding appeared to have stopped, but it was hard to tell how bad the cut was as my face and hair were matted with blood. Fortunately a trip to the hospital revealed it was fairly superficial and no stitches were required – just a bit of glue.


SAM_7847What a carry on a bit of clumsiness can bring!

Earlier we had attempted to go to Mini Kickers which was cancelled. All dressed up with nowhere to go:

SAM_7836 SAM_7838

We got dressed up properly and did the snow thing for real:


I also tried another recipe from my Nutella cookbook. Nutella and fruit club sandwiches. Very cute and very tasty.

SAM_7841 SAM_7844 (2)Scott wasn’t actually too keen, but I love them!

We ended up with a quiet day today. We were anxious about going too far in the car incase the roads iced over, so we stayed closed to home. Scott played out most of the afternoon and I finally got back to sorting out Scott’s old clothes. I managed to get a good two and a half hours done and I reckon one more session will finish it off.

Categorised and sealed:SAM_7857

I didn’t run today due to the icy conditions and didn’t even want to risk driving to the gym, so I just did a 45 minute tempo session on my exercise bike. I was rolling my own tunes as I went which was good fun.SAM_7849

I am now 24 weeks 5 days pregnant and symptom wise it has been a difficult few days. When I got up on Monday morning I realised I had some bleeding so had to phone the hospital and then head up there on Monday morning. It was an anxious few hours in maternity out-patients. Having a scan and hearing the baby’s heartbeat was reassuring though. Everything is absolutely fine with baby and eventually the verdict came that I have a cervical ectroption which is common in pregnancy due to increased oestrogen levels. Fortunately that seems to have settled down again for now. Otherwise, things have been ok. I have been experiencing round ligament pain which feels like an uncomfortable stitch. It has made running difficult as it is exacerbated by exercise. I am hoping it abates or the running will prove almost impossible.

24 weeks 5 days bump:


Out bumped?!


I am hoping for some hospital free weeks for a while now ! 🙂

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