5 months down

On New Year’s Eve I made us a steak and vegetable pie and some mini blueberry trifles. These are both from the Rachel Allen Easy Meals book and were both straightforward to make. The pie is quite labour intensive with all the veg that needs cut, but otherwise it is easy and I used ready roll pastry for the lid. The blueberry trifle is just berries cooked with lemon juice and sugar, crushed shortbread (which I did make!) and some mascarpone cheese. Scott wasn’t too keen, but I thought they were nice.




SAM_7806 SAM_7805



We spent New Year’s Day with family and have had a quiet few days. Billy and I have both had a cold and I have been struggling to get moving each day. Scott demands that I get up and will not fall for the switching on the telly and me sneaking back to bed. It is probably just as well as I know I am really going to struggle with the resumption of the morning routine tomorrow as it is. I imagine it would be even worse if I had been afforded the luxury of sleeping each day to when I really wanted!

I took cheeky face to Funworld on Saturday.


I have to admit that this now has the distinct advantage of letting me sit for a couple of hours while he goes and plays. I discovered however that letting him watch the wildlife programme featuring kangaroos fighting each other for supremacy wasn’t my best idea. I found that he had been fighting (with a boy double his age and size) and when I asked him what it was about he told me that they were fighting about “who should be king.”

We were slow to get moving again today and I skipped a run for a walk at Luss, Loch Lomond instead. As you might imagine, Scott loved the marshy conditions on our walk.

SAM_7817 SAM_7818

SAM_7820 SAM_7816


A couple of rather damp picnic spots:

SAM_7824 SAM_7825 Billy is actually eating a biscuit here!





Watcha looking at?SAM_7830

4 months to go: 22 weeks 5 days bump. I am starting to feel big and uncomfortable. Yikes! I hope that as the lighter nights come I will start to feel a bit more energised. I just feel knackered!

SAM_7831 SAM_7832


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