My 2014 in review

This time a year ago, I signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon.  I spent the next 5 months earnestly following a training regime, determined to clock a sub 4 hour time. I had some hellish training runs along the way and looking back I think I may have burnt myself out in training. I also question my hydration difficulties, possible salt deficiencies, not to mention ongoing stomach issues. Whatever, the cause, I was bitterly disappointed with my performance. I walked a significant part of the run and endured a lot of discomfort. I collapsed during the race, hauled myself up and finished unceremoniously after 4 hours 27 minutes. I was horribly unwell afterwards and my running certainly never recovered for the year. I was jaded, lost my running mo-jo and clocked poor times for the rest of the season.  I did learn a valuable lesson in humility, but I doubt I will ever run a marathon again. I don’t like the impact it had on me physically or mentally. However, I hate to leave the story as it is, feeling defeated. I would love to feel I had done myself justice at this distance and this may, one day, drive me to have another go. Realistically, that will be a few years down the line given that I feel for me that training for a marathon would have been impossible until Scott hit about 3. I definitely have no plans, though, and it would probably take something special to tempt me out of marathon retirement.

MEDD0526(1) This photo is horrible, but I have to include it as a reminder of my own fallibility and the bitter disappointment I 4

We had the pleasure of attending some lovely weddings this year. In March 2014, our good friends Laura and David tied the knot. They had such a fun, special day that we were thrilled to be a part of.


SAM_5430 SAM_5437I love this picture of my two.

I also love this one – Love you lots like Jelly Tots:SAM_5450

My sister Eileen got married in June and that was another fantastic occasion. I was a bridesmaid so unfortunately did not get many chances to take photographs. We were all delighted to see Eileen and Andrew going down the aisle and begin their next stage together.


These ones do show off the beautiful intricate details of the beautiful bride’s dressSAM_5961

Our big news story of the year is this:SAM_7567

In August, I discovered I was pregnant. As delighted with the news as we were it was a difficult couple of months as I coped with severe sickness while trying to keep our news secret. I am still struggling through this pregnancy somewhat; feeling exhausted with some residual sickness. A new baby is going to bring a big change for us. We are just starting to feel as if things are getting a bit easier with Scott and we are just about to start again! I am not quite sure how I will manage as a mum of 2, but I know that with Billy I will get there. I really do have my fingers crossed that I am granted a sleeper this time round, though!

This picture reminds me so much of summer days. Not surprisingly this is my favourite time of the year and we had some lovely days out. This was in Lunderston Bay in Gourock.


SAM_5900Barshaw Park

Largs SAM_6397

Heads of AyrSAM_5706

Our summer holiday in Finlake was probably our best family holiday yet. We had a glorious 2 weeks in Devon at beaches and in parks.

The pirate ship at River Dart Country Park was Scott’s favourite place. It was such fun, although it is a bone of contention with Scott that we cannot go back next year. The drive is just too far to take a new born so we will need to wait a couple of years to return. SAM_7036

We visited some gorgeous beaches including this one, Blackpool Sands, near DartmouthSAM_6949 SAM_6987 SAM_6989 SAM_6991

The Commonwealth Games were a highlight for so many people this year. I certainly did not expect it to be so good. We had a couple of trips to the hockey and a great morning session at the athletics.  Scott also really enjoyed a couple of trips to Glasgow Green where there was so much going on. Glasgow was buzzing and I would love to see something similar again in the future.

SAM_7086 SAM_7066 SAM_7095 SAM_7136 SAM_7155

In September, Scotland decided. I felt desolate for a good few days afterwards and so sorry for all the foot soldiers who had dedicated so much time and energy to the campaign. I have never seen anything like it. As a former student of Politics I have been passionate about politics for many years, but it was new to see and hear so many people voicing their opinions. A lot of us still find it hard to talk about the Referendum and even harder not to judge the voting decisions of others, but I believe this is just a chapter in the story and I look forward to winning the argument in the future. 2015 could be interesting. (I am already thinking about possibly needing a postal vote for the General Election – I may be otherwise engaged on polling day!)YES sign

I am finishing my review with a couple of gratuitous pictures that sum up the things that matter most to me.


photo 2


My hopes for 2015 are that we have a happy, healthy arrival in May. (Please let the labour be easier 2nd time round!!!) I hope I can enjoy our baby without worrying too much and I hope the big brother is happy. I hope I can feel sorted and prepared for Junior’s arrival soon. I hope that Scott settles into school after the summer and I don’t cry too much when he leaves nursery! I hope I can run well again – I have my eye on a running buggy. I hope I can find peace – that is always most elusive for me.

I am thinking of those of you who are finding this time of year difficult.  Happy New Year xx

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