Christmas festivities

We had a lovely Christmastime with family.

Scott made sure Santa would find the way to his house by scattering some Reindeer Dust on Christmas Eve:


Billy spent the best part of 3 hours assembling Scott’s big Christmas gift this year.

photo 2 (2)

Fortunately the boy was suitably impressed:

SAM_7727 SAM_7730

Scott said he was “very pleased with Santa” so mission accomplished! We had a lovely Christmas Day with family and Scott’s eyes finally shut for the day at 10pm.

On Boxing Day we headed to Glasgow for our panto trip. We thought we were doing the sensible thing by taking the train. Big mistake. We spent 40 minutes sitting on the train in Largs station before finally setting off. Then there was a replacement bus service from Paisley to Glasgow. There was no information being given at the station and the queue was about 6 bus loads deep so we gave up and headed to the High Street and managed to get a service bus into the city – costing us another £10 (£8.20, but no change given!) We ended up squeezing into our seats just in time – nearly 3 hours after leaving home.

We saw Treasure Island at the Pavilion Theatre:


Billy and I were not overly impressed with the quality (and lack of story line), but Scott was chuckling away and enjoyed it, so that is the main thing.

With his own pirate pal at the interval:


Sing-along finale;SAM_7737

We had a quick dinner at La Vita and then a shot on the Carousel at George Square:

SAM_7738 SAM_7743

21 weeks 5 days bump:

SAM_7780 SAM_7781

I am sleeping terribly and feel desperately tired a lot of the time. I keep waking up and can’t get back over and then my mind goes into panic over-drive as I think of all the things I need to organise (rooms, clothes, pram, mat leave plans..Arghh.) I always seem to just settle down to sleep when Scott appears ready to get up. I have also had some hellish cramps in my legs which is very unnerving. The sickness is also coming and going. I was very sick yesterday morning, but better today. I ran 4 miles this morning and loved the bright crisp conditions.

Scott has taken to feeling my tummy when we are lying together and that is lovely. I can’t wait till he can feel something!

photo 1



We managed a park trip yesterday in the cold, but finally dry, conditions. It has been a while.

SAM_7752 SAM_7749




SAM_7764 SAM_7767




Today has been the coldest for a long-time. Scott is a bit run-down after some late nights and a cold, but we ventured out for a trip to Lunderston Bay. Scott was very impressed with the ice:

SAM_7777 SAM_7778


He loved breaking it up with a stick:



We also had a game of football tig which was very fun, although Billy did manage a couple of head shots on Scott!



Cracking winter’s day:


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