We have had a very “Christmassy” weekend with a trip to the Singing Kettle’s Big Christmas Party yesterday, and a trip to see Santa at Heads of Ayr today.

The Singing Kettle show was packed with lots of old favourites and Scott loved it. He had a bit of a huff in the second half when he didn’t get picked to go on stage as a volunteer, but picked up when Santa came on stage and they sang Jingle Bells. The house was then brought down at the end with a rendition of “Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Off A Bus.” Although that will be our last Singing Kettle, Scott has already got his eye on the new incarnation “Funbox” which is going with a pirate theme for the first show.

SAM_7685 SAM_7691The finale – Scott was chuffed that it matched his jumper!


Selfie attempts:

SAM_7693 SAM_7694

I went to the gym this morning as an alternative to braving the elements. When you are going as slow as I am currently there is no fun in prolonging the time spent outdoors. I am trying to go by an article I read this week about running in pregnancy – “You’re not training for you, you’re training for two.” I think this sounds kind of nice. Unfortunately I am feeling like Junior is lying right on my bladder so running was a bit uncomfortable at times today. I was particularly displeased that the facilities at the gym were not open! I did enjoy running along to “Noddy holder’s It’s Christmaaaas mix”, however! One of the perks of watching TV as you run.

Post gym:



Today we went to Heads of Ayr Farm Park where they have a lovely Santa’s Grotto. Scott was a bit bashful when he got to meet the Big Man:

SAM_7700 SAM_7701 SAM_7702I think Santa liked his t-shirt:-)

Family photo:



Alas, I had to forgo the slides this year, so Billy stepped up and he managed to do his shocked face to perfection!

SAM_7705 SAM_7706


Scott looked a bit more focused than his old man!SAM_7707 SAM_7709


And he beat him in the slide race:SAM_7708


Christmas themed game:SAM_7711

I did take my chances in “Foul Play”, though:

SAM_7716 SAM_7715 SAM_7717

A fun day. Really hoping that the weather picks up or we will be back to our options of soft-play or swimming again tomorrow. (We went swimming on Saturday morning.)

Pregnancy update – I am starting to feel the pressure of where Junior happens to be positioned and it is often uncomfortable. Bending over is a bit uncomfortable too. I can no longer lie on my front in bed which isn’t good as that is my favoured sleeping position. I have only  felt sick a couple of times this week and I haven’t actually been sick so that is definite progress. We had our 20 week scan this week and thankfully everything is looking fine.


20 weeks 5 days bump:

SAM_7721 SAM_7723


Merry Christmas everyone!

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