Nativity AND Paddington

My weekend started at 5.50am on Saturday when Scott decided it was time to get up. I tried my best to ignore and bury deeper into my covers but he came right up and told me: “Either you get up now, or I’ll go and get some cheese out of the fridge and rub it all over your face.” The sad thing is, if I’d thought he’d have been willing to leave me be after that, I would have taken the cheese rubbing!

On Saturday morning I had my first cinema trip with Scott. We went to the Saturday morning Kids club at the Waterfront cinema in Greenock. Now, I paid us in for Nativity 3 which was the Kids Club film, but managed to get swept in with a children’s party that Unison were having for its members. I wrongly assumed that they must be part of the Kids Club screening too and it was only when the title screen came up “Paddington” that I realised our mistake. By this time, it was too late to decant into another screening so we stayed put and my did Scott love the film! He was engaged throughout and I was equally charmed. I feel like I have pulled off a scam getting a new release on Kids Club prices, but it was entirely unwitting!

We then made the trip across the car park to the swimming pool where we froze our backsides off. My heart sank when the receptionist told us that a boiler problem meant that pool was colder than usual. Indeed it was, so we didn’t last too long.

Pregnancy wise I have had a tired week. My throat has been sore last couple of days and my sleep has been terrible. Mind you, I am sure most people were kept awake by some of the past week’s weather. I was sick on Thursday which I put down to over-tiredness after a busy day on Wednesday with a long Parents Night that kept me in work till just before 7pm. However, I did have my best pregnancy run to date. It was slow, but I managed to drift off and daydream without thinking about every step. It was just under 5 miles which is also my longest run for a long time.



No bump picture this week as my photographer has retired to bed, but I am starting to feel big and getting comfy for sleep is getting more difficult.

Today we made our annual Christmas trip to Edinburgh. Scott ended up being disappointed as he had it in his head that we were going to be staying in a hotel. Clearly we spoil the boy!

Scott is still prepared to humour me by coming on the carousel:

SAM_7661 SAM_7656 SAM_7655


The swing didn’t last too long and he soon wanted to swap with my horse:



He also tried the climbing tower which was a bit on the tricky side for him – especially with cold hands:

SAM_7668 SAM_7669 SAM_7671


Then it was Billy’s turn with him on the roller-coaster:

SAM_7677 SAM_7680


We had a lovely tapas tea at Cafe Andaluz before home.

Well, I made it through Scott’s nativity play day without too many tears. I have watched the video and Scott gave me a lovely demonstration on Friday morning because he knew I was missing it.

Very proud of my little Joseph:





Just the visit of Santa to his Christmas party to miss tomorrow!

20 week scan this week – halfway, woohoo!

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