Saint Andrew’s Day

We started Saturday with a bit of a meltdown with Scott again. However, afterwards I took him swimming and he was great. I hadn’t seen him in the water for a while so it was nice to see how well he is progressing. He is mega competitive though! We were having races to catch his dive toy and he kept shoving my arm out the way under water to try and get there first. Must take after his Dad…..

Afterwards we came home and sat in harmony watching a Christmas film until it was time for him to go for his sleepover while Billy and I went up to Glasgow to have dinner with some friends. We don’t get out much together so it was a nice change and we had a lovely night. The 2.30am in bed has made for a tired Sunday, though.

photo 2Today I did a quick gym session – mainly to use the shower as Billy had re-sealed the bath so we were waiting for that to dry.

Post cross-trainer and bike selfie:

photo 1


We took advantage of free entry at the Wallace Monument for Saint Andrew’s Day and took Scott for his first trip. I have been telling him about Stirling Bridge for months so he had some of the background!



He loved the path up to the monument and especially the forest of Abbey Craig. He also led a swift march up the steps  of the Monument (and fairly rapidly back down again).

SAM_7625 SAM_7626A very brief pause at the top

We also met one of Wallace’s foot soldiers who gave us a wee talk and a shot of his sword.

IMG_1388 IMG_6426Scott really didn’t want to let go of the sword!

And yes, I had to have a go too:


Scott managed to get himself absolutely filthy on the way back down, climbing logs and rolling his way down hills.

SAM_7632 SAM_7630

To be fair, I think he would have been as happy spending an hour in the forest running about, but I did read him a kid’s Wallace biography for his bedroom story tonight! He especially likes all the grisly bits and sat shuddering in horror through Wallace’s execution. He sat shaking his head at the end saying, “That King (Edward I) was bad.”

SAM_7629A nice day out.

We got a new microwave on Friday and Scott has spent the weekend using the box as a Pirate Ship. It was hilarious. He hid his own treasure and then proceeded to undertake an elaborate mission to find this treasure:


My week at work was really busy last week and that contributed to a lot of tiredness and sore tummy issues I think. I was definitely less sick again last week, but still had some bad patches. My sleeping has been poor. I keep waking for long spells and am knackered when I have to get up.SAM_7633 SAM_763417 weeks 5 days bump. My swimming costume got a stretching this week!

I can’t wait to start the Christmas countdown. Another busy week ahead with S3 exams so hoping I can get through to the other side unscathed.




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