Chopsticks and Film Critics

Billy was off this Saturday which was a nice treat for us. It made it feel like a full weekend as we usually just have a Sunday together and it also made for an easier Saturday for me. It also meant I could go for a run on a Saturday morning for a change. Again it was very slow and I am starting to feel the bladder pressure when I run, but I made 4 miles.

I had someone who wanted to join in my post run selfie:

SAM_7582I did start out with hat and gloves for the first time this season, but they were soon discarded as I heated up.

Billy’s broken glasses at the Scotland game meant for a trip to Glasgow to pick up some new ones.  We also picked up some tickets for Treasure Island pantomime which Scott is super excited about. We spent a fair bit of time in the Lego store and the toy department of John Lewis while Billy was choosing and then we went for a lovely tea at Wagamamas.

Scott enjoyed his Chicken Noddle Ramen:




SAM_7585But these – which became known as Prawn Lollipops were “so delicious.” I need to find the recipe to make them for him.

He did not a bad job with his kiddie chopsticks:SAM_7587


We were back late so it was straight to bath and bed for Scott when we got home. Billy and I were not far behind him! We did manage an hour of the film Argo which we intend to finish tonight. It is about the Iranian Embassy hostage crisis and I can thoroughly recommend it so far.

I had another run this morning which was maybe a bit much for me as I felt very fatigued after a couple of miles. We then went visiting today and had a quick half hour at the park before heading home for tea.

SAM_7589 SAM_7591

15 weeks and 5 days bump:

SAM_7592 SAM_7594

I am not 100% sure, but think I am starting to feel a bit of movement from Junior. Poor Scott was almost fooled that the baby could answer when he speaks to it. Billy is a terrible teaser! I am feeling so much less sick which I am very thankful for. Mornings can still be a bit nauseous as can late evenings, but things are definitely a lot better. Unfortunately a bit of pregnancy insomnia has started. I am falling asleep fine, but then waken about 3 am and can’t get back to sleep for ages, if at all. This definitely doesn’t help the tiredness and makes for long days at work.

I didn’t get any baby clothes sorted this weekend, so I will definitely need to get back on track with some of the chores next week.

And finally, Billy had his letter read out on Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review this week which was very cool. He wrote regarding a potential breech of the Code of Conduct with Scott’s flashing shoes lighting up as he tapped his feet in excitement during Book of Life at the cinema. Kermode found the “mobile disco” description very funny and accurate. We love the show so it made our day. 🙂


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