A baby brother or sister

When we told Scott that we were expecting a baby he seemed to be a bit overwhelmed with the news. I showed him the scan pictures and he initially thought it was him in the picture. When he clicked that it was a baby brother or sister his reaction was delight. He jumped up happy and excited hugging us both. However, he appeared to get overwhelmed very quickly and started crying and wanting cuddled. We had a few days when he appeared to be very sensitive and teary and we’re not quite sure why. We think that he has struggled with the time concept and wants the new baby now! He now understands that it is after Easter time, but still becomes frustrated with the waiting.

Scott quite frequently brings up baby chat himself now. He is interested about what a baby eats and what he will be able to teach the new baby. Some of his questions are scary though – “Can I lift the wee brother or sister in from the car?” “Can I come and watch when Mummy’s belly opens up for the baby to come out?” The answer is NO on both counts! He also says things that are really sweet that make this time round different in a nice way. He often shouts at my stomach, “Hello baby!” He also gives my stomach a kiss for the baby. For some reason he has been a little obsessed with the fact that I am a little fuller on top. (My, am I sore in this department!) He keeps pointing and saying, “What are these? Why have they got big?” He also thought for a while that this was where the baby is! Yesterday he said his baby brother or sister can have his train-sets because he is too big for them now and Santa is going to bring him a new one. Maybe not entirely altruistic given that he is hoping for something bigger and better, but it’s a start!

I feel bad about neglecting Scott a bit over the last few weeks. I haven’t had the energy to play with him like I usually do or the “get up and go” to take him places. I have had to let him entertain himself a lot and I can’t help but feel guilty. I know that he will have to get used to it as it will be worse when I am dealing with a baby, but it still hurts. I also miss just living normally and going places and making the most of my time.

I managed to have a more normal Saturday with Scott and took him to Mini-Kickers and did some cooking for the first time in ages. I badly needed to stock the freezer with teas for Scott. I have been relying on tinned spaghetti and pizza for him a bit more than usual and again feel bad about that. We made some macaroni cheese together which he loves – to eat and make. I also managed to make a rice dish for him for future teas and some carbonara. Our plans to head to Ayr beach park were hit on the head almost as soon as we got in the car when the rain started chucking down. We ended up in Pirate Pete’s softplay instead and he soon found some “buddies” to tag along with.


Pregnancy symptom wise, things have definitely been better this week. I still suffer with bad sore stomachs but the sickness has abated. I only had one bad episode when I went to bed feeling sick on Wednesday and woke up to be sick during the night. I feel very nauseous in the mornings, but it tends to pass. I am just not a person who enjoys pregnancy. I just want to feel myself and and am always very aware that I am pregnant. I need to be active and busy and feel so curtailed most of the time. I can’t help but wonder about women who have multiple pregnancies – Is it like this for them? How on earth do they cope? The History teacher in me also thinks about the poor women who had to struggle on down the mines etc. through pregnancy. What a life it must have been for them!

That been said, I have been a bit more productive this weekend and sorted a couple of boxes of baby clothes and wrapped some Christmas presents. I also went for a run today for the first time in ages. It was only 4 miles but it was good to feel a wee bit like myself (if a slower version!) I was doing 9 1/2 minute miles which is about 2 minutes slower than I would hit on form. I’m really not that bothered, it is just good to be moving a bit. I felt OK, just a bit of burning feet which I remember from last pregnancy too.


It was also a lovely day so Billy had the idea of taking Scott for his 1st trip up to the Viewpoint today. Funnily enough, the last time I was there I was pregnant too. I was a tad puggled today and let the boys run on ahead. Getting to the “top” wasn’t enough for Scott and Billy had to chase after him as he made off up more hills!

SAM_7572 SAM_7573 SAM_7574 SAM_7577

SAM_7578 SAM_7579


I have made it through another week! 14 weeks 5 days belly shot:



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