Fantasy Island

On Thursday, I was out. I thought I would be unable to participate in the Fantasy Island race round Millport. I had been ailing with a cold since Monday which peaked on Wednesday when I left work early and took to my bed. Thursday wasn’t much better and I took to my bed as soon as I came home from work. I made it out of bed on Friday and started to get better so by Friday afternoon I decided I would go ahead. Strictly I was breaking the runners’ “above the neck, below the neck rule – above the neck, what the heck, in the chest, let it rest” as I am still struggling in the chest, but the training has been done and I wanted to be there. Now, the thing about Fantasy Island is that it is a multiple lap race with runners doing between 1 and 5 laps of Cumbrae (just over 10 miles). I had signed up for 2 laps, but realised that probably wasn’t going to be possible so I agreed with Billy on Saturday morning that I would just do the 1 lap. That’s not to say that I didn’t have at the back of my mind that I could still maybe do 2 laps if I felt okay!

This picture on the way over doesn’t exactly look promising – a bit washed oot!


The Michael’s Movers charity is fantastic with lots of wonderful volunteers working for them. I received a very nice welcome when I arrived at the registration point and was assured that if I didn’t feel right that there would be lots of support vehicles to pick me up and take me back if required. This is a real no pressure race, with no timing chips, but rather lots of friendly faces and encouragement the whole way round.

Lots of balloons everywhere!


At the Start. The sunglasses were now on and the heat had picked up. I should have also worn my hat as it got warmer and my coupon ended up slightly burnt! SAM_7508

I took off at a slow steady pace and realised early on that I was running on empty. I also knew that I wasn’t going to be able to stomach any nutrition packs so that meant that anything beyond 10 miles would definitely be out. I met some friends at mile 5 who were bravely walk/jogging their 2nd lap. (There were 2 starting times of 8am and 11am. I started at 11am) I slowed to a walk to have a nice chat for a couple of minutes and was then spurred on to pick up my pace for the 2nd half of the race which I completed really quite fast at sub 8 minute miles. My finish time was 82 minutes which certainly isn’t a PB, but I was really pleasantly surprised and pleased that I had managed to clock such a quick time. Again, the reception at the Finish was fantastic and made me feel great.

Post-race selfie:

SAM_7509 SAM_7513


I quickly began to feel a bit ropey and dehydrated after finishing so I had 3 cartons of juice, an ice lolly and a packet of salty crisps which all really hit the spot.

On the boat back:SAM_7515Overall, I can thoroughly recommend Michael’s Movers Fantasy Island race. It is fun, friendly and for an excellent cause (Parkinsons Disease).

Meanwhile, Scott had been at a Frozen themed birthday party for his friend Rose and I joined him and Billy there:

SAM_7517 SAM_7521

Scott really loves Frozen, but he didn’t immerse himself as I think he had decided that it wasn’t becoming for a boy to like such things as singing along to “Let it go”. He did tell me later when he saw the photos: “That is the actual Queen Elsa of Arundale and I’m not kidding!” Whatever else, he seems to have been convinced!

My phone was broken so we had to take a trip up to Braehead to try and get it fixed. We ended up staying for dinner. Scott definitely looks cuter in medal pose!


I wasn’t expecting such a sunny weekend for late September, so we made the most of it with a trip to the beach at Lunderston Bay on Sunday.

SAM_7526 SAM_7527 SAM_7531


This is definitely one of Scott’s favourite things to do – brambling:

SAM_7535 SAM_7533


So, not quite the race re-cap I’d expected, but I am at peace with my 10 mile effort and, maybe next year I can make the 20 🙂

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