Treasure Chest

We had football and gymnastics on Saturday.



Scott didn’t get to swimming this week after some poor behaviour. Got to try and get the message through somehow, but it meant that his Dad had him to take to the football instead which probably isn’t the worst punishment!

I used the opportunity for a free hour and a half to catch up on some chores and make some meringues:



The meringue thing is getting to be quite a regular bake as they tend to go down better than cakes in this household.

We also had an arts and crafts project to do as nursery homework. The brief was to make a picture or something using recyclable materials so I had a think and decided that every good pirate needs a treasure chest, so that was our theme:

SAM_7482 SAM_7483 SAM_7486


We used gold paint (a great purchase!) to colour the paper that was to be wrapped round the cardboard shoe box. The “treasure” was bottle lids with a jewel stuck on top, cardboard coloured yellow for coins, and toilet roll holder cut into pieces and painted. We wrapped some sparkly green foil to finish the look.

SAM_7491 SAM_7492 SAM_7493


I think Scott is happy with it and looking forward to taking it in to nursery on Tuesday.

We had a slow start to our Sunday and eventually headed for Glasgow in the hope of seeing some of the fantastic scenes of crowds gathering in Buchanan Street to support a Yes vote. It was quite quiet by the time we reached the city although we witnessed a fantastic Yes Cavalcade passing through. There was lots of live music going on in Buchanan Street, including this lot who were raising funds for Maryhill Foodbank:



We made it down to Glasgow Green so Scott could play in the swingpark, but he was more interested in climbing trees:

SAM_7503 SAM_7502


I ran 9 miles today in preparation for Millport next weekend. It went well and was reasonably enjoyable.



This post run selfie captures my hope that Scotland can seize the opportunity  to take our destiny into our own hands this week. My trip to the supermarket on Saturday where a foodbank collection was taking place upset me. I cannot believe that we can’t hope to live in a better, fairer society. Peace out – and vote YES!

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