In costume

After last week’s failed attempts at football and gymnastics, thankfully we weren’t disappointed and both were on.

New term at Mini Kickers take 2:SAM_7435


As graceful as ever at gymnastics:

SAM_7438 SAM_7437


Watching this is hilarious- note 1 child lying down on box, meanwhile one of those sitting was giving a full rendition of “5 little ducks went swimming one day.” Everyone else just goes on as normal!SAM_7439

The giant swings are a winner:SAM_7440


It may appear that I work towards knackering Scott out on a Saturday, but he really did want to go swimming afterwards too. I was delighted to see that he can now swim (after a fashion). He can do a breadth of the pool doggy paddle and he can do about 4 strokes of front crawl! I was really impressed and still alarmed by how much time he likes to spend under the water. “I’m going to hide underwater, leave me for 5 minutes and see if you can find me.”

Feeling very Zen post-swimSAM_7442


I bought him some goggles at the pool as he is obsessed with wearing mine and pointing out various clumps of dirt he spies under water!

Saturday evening was the climax of the Largs Viking Festival with a re-enactment of the Battle of Largs and the fireworks. We had a lovely night for it:



Scott had the best view of the proceedings, I was struggling to see for most of it:



I couldn’t quite figure out if he was quivering with fear or delight at some of the battle scenes.

You have to try and block out some of these signs of modern day life (benches, lights etc!)


SAM_7445 SAM_7448 SAM_7449 SAM_7450 SAM_7451 SAM_7454 SAM_7455


I am still trying to persuade Billy that historical re-enactment could be a good hobby for us, but he remains to be convinced!

We lasted till the fireworks this year, but we were all cold and tired by this time;



Scott has been enjoying the joys of brambling and he picked a bumper haul with his Gran on Friday. This led to me searching on line for “blackberry recipes”. I opted for a blackberry and honeycomb cheesecake. In reality, I would need to make about another 10 cheesecakes to use up all the brambles we have! Making the honeycomb was probably the most difficult part (honey, liquid glucose, sugar, bicarbonate of soda). I still need to get myself a sugar thermometer as guessing at these high temperatures is probably not the best of ideas. I’m not sure it was worth the effort and Billy maybe asked the most pertinent question: “Why did you not just cut up a Crunchie?”

SAM_7468 SAM_7470


The honeycomb does add a nice crunch to it. (I used the recipe from the BBC Food website.)

This week I had a 15 mile long run to complete. It didn’t go well and not too sure why. I was okay for a bout 10 miles then got nausea and sickness. I am blaming a rogue bramble, but that may be a false accusation. I have a bit of a chest cold and I may have eaten too much beforehand, but who knows? I am starting to feel again that my body is looking for an end to the long-runs for a while. Not convinced I ever really recovered from marathon training and there is a sense of jadedness. I may or may not make my Millport run in 2 weeks time. On a plus, my 6 mile run passed without incident today.

It is never a good sign of the state of my tummy when I return from a long run with a full stash of my nutrition packs:


Just to continue the dressing up theme, we went to the MCM Comic Convention at the SECC on Sunday. Billy went on Saturday too, and Scott and I joined him on Sunday. We had another lesson in Expectation vs. Reality. Expectation was that Scott would get his face painted and spend the day trying to get character pictures, looking at the comic wares and generally being cute and fun. The reality was that he was a wee troll most of the day and the blue Captain America face paint was smeared over us as he wrapped himself round our legs and faces and refused to do anything that we wanted him to do.


This was the only pic he wanted to pose for and even that had a bad motive – he thought he would “make Daddy jealous.”SAM_7473


This pic pretty much sums up the day – cheeky face, standing beyond the barrier!



He did enjoy the Robot Wars, after he stopped moaning about wanting to go and play tig.

Pity, as lots of cool things today.


Need to get Scott a copy of the “Things Mummy and Daddy want for a nice day out” and make sure he reads it. Sheesh.

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