Water baby

We ended up with a bit of a wasted day on Saturday as we went to both football and gymnastics only to discover that they weren’t on. The janitor didn’t show up to open the gates for the football and there was no-one around at gymnastics. A bit of a let down after Scott being all fired up to go.

All dressed up with nowhere to go!SAM_7394

We headed straight up to Linwood swimming after our failed gymnastics trip. Scott has been taking lessons for a couple of weeks and is coming along great. He loves swimming underwater and diving down to pick his toy up off the swimming pool floor. He is still raging about the new flume arrangements and wasn’t keen to go on accompanied. Eventually he decided he wanted a go, but flew up the stairs and onto the flume ahead of me and I had to dash after him to catch up before the bottom!

“This is how I relax after a hard swim session.”SAM_7399

The trip to the park afterwards is obligatory:


It’s been a while on the baking front and sadly I didn’t manage any Bake Off inspired Baked Alaska, but I did make some Empire Biscuits. A wee subtle message in that Empire, trying to burst its way out:


The Viking Festival started this weekend so we took Scott to the funfair:

SAM_7408 SAM_7410






He went home with a sackful of candy floss:



We had a bit of a quiet day today. I did my long-run – 14 miles this week. Very slow again and a few bramble stops along the way. Messy fingers at the end:


It is also not a good idea to put brambles in one’s running shorts pocket. It was messy and I had a panic when I removed them and thought I had a massive  bruise on my leg, only to discover that it could be rubbed away. That aside I have been massively thirsty all day which brings me back to my same old hydration issues.

I took Scott to the beach this afternoon and unfortunately his bathing was restricted by a massive plague of jellyfish and I wouldn’t let him in. He had to settle for some paddling in the rock pools instead.

SAM_7430 SAM_7428 SAM_7427 SAM_7426He thought he was making his way to “islands”. We got some nice sunshine, but it started to turn quite windy so he got dressed and did some climbing:



And checking the coast-line for pirate ships:



Scott was convinced he had found a treasure map in the water. He intends to return with a “diving suit” to retrieve it. In reality, it is the beach bathing report which has somehow found its way into the water, but I chose not to disabuse him of his treasure hunting dreams.



He went to bed tonight announcing his ambition to “be a cabin boy”! 🙂

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