Beach and Geek

It wasn’t exactly warm this weekend, but I decided a trip to the beach would be fun. Scott really enjoyed the beach on our holiday and he also loved the beach trips organised by his nursery this year. There really isn’t any reason why we shouldn’t go more often as it is simple and effective as a way to entertain. Scott insisted that I take his swimming shorts with us. I was convinced that when he realised how cold it was he would be happy just to paddle, but he couldn’t be talked out of a full blown dip! I, meanwhile, was fully clothed with jacket zipped right up.




His imagination was running riot as he made “potions” to destroy witches:

SAM_7368 SAM_7367

SAM_7373 SAM_7371 SAM_7370 SAM_7369

Scott also loves rock climbing so we spent some time at that too:

SAM_7350 SAM_7351

Yes, his nose was glistening all day!SAM_7354



Scott found the best hiding place ever, but I was rather concerned that he was going to get stuck:



Needless to say, I didn’t try it myself!

This was my favourite picture of the day. It seems to capture my Scott:


I did my long run on Saturday as we had to be up and out early today. I did 13 miles which is my longest since the marathon. It was okay, but my legs and feet were burning the last couple of miles. Nice conditions to run in, though. I also added a bit of wild nutrition to my  activity by picking a few blackberries en route!

A bit quizzical about the whole thing?SAM_7377

Today, we went to Collectormania at Braehead with some friends. Scott wanted to dress up as Superman, but he was a wee bit shy of some of the attention from the cos players and didn’t want to get his picture taken. I think he was equally fascinated and terrified by the big guns of the Stormroopers etc. I am taking this as no bad thing given his apparent obsession with toy guns!

A “sword” was too tempting an opportunity though, and the lady was very nice so he had a go at being a Jedi:




Most of the inside was a big shop for collectors and didn’t hold Scott’s attention too much. I spent a lot of time outside with him at the Pirate Ship. He did like pictures of any bright, comic book characters and he watched an episode of Banana Man on the strength of this poster when we got home:



He also got into watching the cos play competition. His definite favourite bit was watching Spiderman’s fight with Black Tarantula. Now I know where this boy gets some of his face grabbing moves from:

SAM_7390 I just realised that Billy is in this picture too 🙂

And finally…. Scott frequently calls people “lad” as a result of hearing it in Treasure Island. He thinks of it as a sort of insult as it is used in an aggressive manner in the book. (You can’t escape that easily, lad/ Be ready to fight my lad etc)I asked this week what a “lad” is and he admitted he didn’t know. We went through a list of people, male and female to determine if they are a “lad”. It became apparent that he had no clue of what the word actually means. He knows that  Jim Hawkins is referred to as a lad so eventually the penny dropped that it means boy. He then concluded that three characters from his current favourite, Swiss Family Robinson, are also lads: “Vince, Earth and Franchips” (Fritz, Earnst and Francis). Again, Billy and I have no intention of correcting him. Those names are too good. 🙂

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