I ran 12 miles on Thursday in training for the Fantasy Island run round Millport in 5 weeks. Michael’s Movers charity is the beneficiary of the event and is a very worthwhile cause. It works to provide support for people with Parkinsons Disease. This dreadful illness has probably been highlighted to many people this week as a result of the death of Robin Williams who had recently been diagnosed with the condition. I’m sure many people know those closer to home who have lived with the condition and I am pleased to make a small contribution to the Michael’s Movers charity through my participation in this event.SAM_7327


I got a bit wet on this run but was otherwise unscathed. I have very consciously altered my long run strategy with the emphasis on long slow run for the time being. I am finding recovery is much quicker and overall the experience less arduous. I skipped a rest day this week as I felt good and did an 8 mile slower run today.

This run reminded of why I don’t want to train for any distance running through the winter. It is August, but this thought surfaced today as I battled the elements. It was cold and windy, though I luckily escaped the heavy showers. I hate struggling through the wind, straining to hear my Ipod and definitely take the view that in the winter it is about getting it done and getting back in to the hot shower ASAP.

SAM_7338 The windswept look has returned as has the winter running gear! Next week, I will step it up to 13 miles for the long slow run and see how that goes after a week of work. Training is definitely less exhausting after a full day’s work and 6am rise!

We are waiting with anticipation the start of pre-school for Scott this week. Although he has been at nursery since babyhood we are looking forward to this next step and seeing what he learns. We are, of course, emphasising the importance of listening to Scott. We have a 4 year old who already knows everything and cannot be helped in any task. He is also starting swimming lessons. He so loves the water at the moment and wants to go swimming all the time. I am enjoying taking him more now as I don’t have to carry him all the time and have a bit more freedom to swim about myself. He is desperate to swim so here’s hoping he is willing to concede that the swimming instructor may know a bit more about the process than him!

We recycled some of Scott’s birthday cards to make a superhero poster yesterday. Cutting out is another area of expertise for Scott so I can only watch and then sneakily tidy up the cut outs a bit when he is not looking!

SAM_7329 SAM_7332

He is fair proud of this and it is good way to get some more life out of the cool cards he had.

Scott had another birthday party on Saturday so we met Billy down at the football afterwards for a wee kick-about


Don’t lean back, lad!

We finished off the weekend with a visit to Wonderworld softplay in Glasgow. I think we may be back. Scott especially liked climbing up this:


And sliding back down:


I didn’t get a go this time. This may well be the future! He did get his Dad to give this slide a try, though.



I enjoyed catching some of the European Athletics Championship this week from Zurich. I was delighted to see Eilidh Child win gold in the 400m hurdles, but the big inspiration for me was 40 year old mum of two Jo Pavey who took gold in the 10,000m. It can be done, mums! 🙂




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