As always, being a mum is a bitter-sweet experience. My boy has given me a particularly challenging week with his behaviour. When he is in this kind of mode he can make me super anxious, wondering what he is going to do, if we will have public meltdowns etc. I know that this probably leads to a bit of a vicious cycle as he picks up on my anxiety, but it sure isn’t easy to keep it cool. Also, like most parents there is the fear of being judged by others, or worse still, your child being labelled as “bad.”  It is so difficult to tell if we are being too hard or too soft on him at times and also the extent to which talking things through with him has any impact. I am conscious that it can really hurt Scott if he thinks that others think badly of him, so have to be careful not to cross that fine line and lay it on too thick.

In amongst the challenging moments there are always sweet times too and Scott has been loving me reading his newly acquired pirate stories to him. When we were in the book section of John Lewis and I was reading him a story he crawled onto my lap for a snuggle while I read to him. He has also taken to flicking his way through “big books” with all, or mainly all written text, and claiming he is “reading.” He points out books with any type of piratey looking cover and says,”I can’t wait to read that.” Neither can I, but I will sure miss reading to him.

We visited Kelvingrove Skate Park to try out Scott’s new scooter. Alas, I fear I made a mistake in this purchase and should have gone for a razor scooter. The shape of this scooter limits his ability to go down ramps so think he is a little disappointed. It is fast moving, but not great for the stunt shots!

SAM_7267 SAM_7265 SAM_7263 SAM_7262


He talked me through his attempt at the assault course:

SAM_7258 SAM_7257 SAM_7256 SAM_7255 SAM_7254


And I now get to sit down as he races up and down the slide:



Despite having enough cake on the go to sink one of Scott’s fabled pirate ships, I decided to make some meringues today. This was after Scott enjoying a Pavlova I had when we went out to dinner. I made the effort to make it all fancy with cream and strawberries and all and Scott said that next time I should just give him the meringue without anything on it!

SAM_7322 SAM_7325

Scott said goodbye to his nursery friend Kai this week. Kai is moving to Australia with his family. Scott has been friends with Kai since he started at nursery just over 3 years ago and is probably Scott’s first “self made” friend. We will miss him, but wish him and his family all the best on their adventure.




The toughness of saying “goodbye” to the summer also comes this week and I know that despite his antics, I will miss Scott terribly. We have had an eventful summer and know that I will have a tough couple of weeks as I adjust to the new routine. The feeling of constant rushing is the thing I dread most and Scott certainly doesn’t appreciate being rushed out the door.

And finally, I am back in training. I am doing the Fantasy Island run round Millport in September. I hope to do 2 laps (20 miles). I am trying a different tactic this time, however. No strict training schedule, just trying to do what I feel and keep the pace down to aid quicker recovery. I am also taking the pressure off and aiming to complete without any focus on a finish time. Finishing can be enough this time! (Remember I did say this…I will stick to it!)

The “run-fie” has returned: Why so serious? It was actually a fairly pleasant 11 mile plod in the rain.  Not that I’m monitoring my speed or anything………. 🙂SAM_7313

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