Birthday cakes

Scott’s birthday cake for his 4th birthday party was of a Superhero theme. I chose his three favourite superheroes – Batman, Superman and Spiderman to appear on the cake. I made an extra large batch of Victoria Sandwich – 8 eggs (4 in each tin). I placed each cake crust side down to try and create the flattest surface. The cake was sandwiched with home-made blueberry compote and smeared in cream cheese frosting. I then used ready-to-roll blue, red and yellow icing for each of the sections and cut out the bat symbol and superman symbol using the appropriate colours. Unfortunately I could not get black “writing icing” in any of the shops I looked in so had to re-think my Spiderman section. Any time I have tried to create black icing it has failed. It seems impossible to get it black enough.I had intended to do the black webbing normally associated with the character, but instead had to use white icing to create a web like effect and use my pre-bought Spiderman to show webbing “shooting” from Spiderman’s hands. (Well, that was the intention anyway!)

I used Liquid Glucose to stick the figures down and only the Superman proved a little problematic in terms of maintaining the adhesion to the cake.



In the end, this wasn’t too high up the difficulty level, but keeping the kids from grabbing the decorations is challenging!

For Scott’s actual birthday I kept it straightforward.  I decided on a Treasure Island theme. It was a 4 egg cake – essentially one layer of his party cake. I used buttercream frosting this time which I attempted to get as close to sea colour as possible. It wasn’t going particularly blue with the gel colouring, so I decided not to poison us all and and just attempt to get some blue streaks through it. I picked up some pirate candles and a one legged pirate to play the part of Long John Silver. My island was created with some sherbet that Billy bought and it resembled sand really well. I used one of the mini troughs from Scott’s toy farm and it filled it with some edible cake jewels for the treasure chest. I appreciate the scale issues with the palm tree, but it was the only one I had!



Fun to make. My only problem is, Scott doesn’t really like eating cake! A lot of cake to eat! 🙂

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