4 years

Dear Scott,

Another year has passed and you are now very much a little boy. The baby and the toddler years are behind you and you are itching to make the next step in so many things. You always want to take things to the next level and try harder things from going up the higher climbing frames at the park to pushing your mum and dad for a reaction! You are determined to do things “all by yourself” and I find myself on the sidelines more and more as you climb up a slide or go to do something by yourself. You are desperate to start school and love being around other boys and girls. I often see you with a glint of mischief in your eye and know you are planning your next trick. Every day I watch you climbing and exploring and take a sharp intake of breath as you perform another set of acrobatics.

Well this was scary!:


But so is this:



I often think you are too loud to be my boy as I hear your voice booming out from afar and marvel at how different we can be. You delight in mischief and rough play where I have always tried to follow rules and quietly comply. I cringe when you do naughty things  knowing I hated to get into trouble as a child. We seem to get along though. Fortunately I have always been a bit of a tomboy and don’t mind hunting for crabs, rock scrambling and climbing trees. Kicking a ball about is also a given! You sometimes enjoy a bit of cooking and baking too and you love reading stories with me. You chat incessantly to me and as much as I sometimes wish for an “off switch” I hope that you will always be able to talk to me. You are also a lovely affectionate boy who gives me lots of kisses and cuddles and I never tire of hearing you tell me that you love me.




I could pick your laugh out from a line-up– it’s my favourite noise in the world and something that will stay imprinted in my mind forever. I have to chuckle to myself as I hear you muttering lines from stories we have read and always know where it has come from. Last week as you were playing with your toys all I heard was, “To my great relief, I know how to fix this.”  Then, this week I heard you calling your Dad an “interfering devil”.  When we are playing chasing you say thinks like, “You can’t escape that easily, lad!” I can identify your “I have really hurt myself” cry vs. your “I’m tired or frustrated” cry in a split second. I can tell you’ve really hurt yourself if you stop or cry because you rarely admit any hurt. I know when you are tired and could list all of your favourite foods. I feel like I know you better than I know myself, but there is so, so much I don’t know about you yet. What will your hobbies be? Will you always love climbing, gymnastics and football? Will you enjoy school? Will you be outgoing or become more reserved like me? When will you get into bother at school for the first time? Or hurt yourself badly? Or worse, be hurt or broken-hearted by someone else? I do not know how I will keep calm whenever any of these things happen, but I will try to understand and will be there with you all of the way.




I struggle to remember life before you came along and know you were meant to be my wee boy. I am so proud to be your mummy. You are my everything and always will be.

Happy 4th birthday Scoots x

Here are your answers aged 4:

Favourite colour: pink

Favourite food: pasta (red)

Favourite toy: lego (game)

Favourite story: Treasure Island

Favourite TV programme or film: Swiss Family Robinson

Favourite superhero – Superman and Batman and Spiderman

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