A day in the life

Billy has been away at Glasgow Comic Con this weekend so I have been entertaining Scott as best as I can. I have had a bit of a yucky few days in terms of a cold/viral thing that has left me with a bit of a sore throat and terrible fatigue. (I always get ill in school holidays!) Unfortunately this has put a halt on the wee bit of momentum I had built up with my running and I have been sluggish all week. I am attempting to do a bit of preparation for an upcoming hill race by doing some hill work which is a killer at the best of times and was nothing short of knackering this morning.

Fortunately I was helped out in the entertaining Scott mission with events on in town this weekend. Yesterday there was a Family Fun Day with various inflatables:

SAM_6353 SAM_6356

SAM_6360 SAM_6361 SAM_6363


Giant kites were on display:SAM_6352



We also had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon which gave Scott lots of garden play time before we headed home for tea. After tea, we took a walk to our local park.

SAM_6374 SAM_6376 SAM_6377


A bit of a breeze  now:SAM_6373SAM_6371


Scott’s climbing is becoming just a wee bit extreme now:

SAM_6386 SAM_6387

Lights out 9.08pm!

Today’s timeline: (All timings are approximate…)

07:20 – Scott comes in to our room.

07:23 – “I need my breakfast.”

07:26 – Head downstairs.

08:15 – Leave for 6 mile hill run. Yuck.

09:10 – Return from run. Scott out in garden in pjs playing with a neighbour’s cat.

09:30 – Billy leaves for train.

09:40 – Build lego football pitch.

10:05 – Have bath with Scott.

10:30 – Dry bathroom floor after soaking.

10:40 – Go downstairs in towels and eat Jubbly ice lolly because we are too hot after bath!

11:05 – Attempt to lie on bed as feeling ropey. Scott jumps on me.

11:10 – Give up attempting to rest on bed and get Scott dressed.

11:15-11:30 – Get dressed while Scott makes up jigsaws and mini Batman car garage. (I have to stop 4 times to bare witness to building projects.)

11:35 – Make up bag for the day and make pizza baguettes for lunch while Scott potters in back garden.

11:55 – Eat baguettes on front step.

12:10-12:30 – Clear up and attempt to get Scott to put socks and shoes on.

12:35 – Load up buggy and Scott and start walk down town.

13;10 – Arrive at Highland Games and watch Highland Dancers and hammer throw.


13:30 – Scott gets out of buggy and announces hunger. He eats bowl of raspberries, a banana and half a packet of crisps.

13:45- “What can we do now?” We get up and walk around. Scott meets his friend Kai and we head to the park.

14:00-14;50 – Scott and Kai play in the park.

SAM_6398 SAM_6397



SAM_639414:50 – Say goodbye to Kai and head back to Highland Games.

15:00 – 15:20 – Watch boulder pick up and caber toss. Scott asks “What can we do know?”

15:20 – 15:35 – Throw stones in sea.

15:35 – 15:45 – Walk to Morrisons with promise of park visit on way home!

16:00 – Leave Morrisons and Scott insists upon scaling the wall.

16:10 – I realise we don’t have Scott’s hat so we head back into shop.

16:15 – We find the hat in the yoghurt fridge.

16:15-16:25 – Scott scales the wall from the start, again.

SAM_639916:25 – 16:40 – Coax Scott back into buggy and walk to park.

16:40 – 17:30 – Play in park.

17:30-17:40 – Scott won’t come off tree stump to go home.


17:40 – Scott finally comes down and we head home.

17:50 -18:05 – Scott plays out in front garden.

18:05-18:20 – Eat tea.

18:20 – 18:30 – Tidy up while Scott eats ice lolly.

18:30 – 19:45 – Play in front garden.

19:45 – 20:15 – Scott watches “3 Little Pigs ” on laptop while eating cheese, biscuits and grapes. I attempt to tidy up and start Scott’s bath.

20:20 – 20:40 – Scott’s bath.

20:40 – 20:50 – Start stories then Scott announces his hunger.

20:50 – 21:00 – Scott eats Cheerios on stairs.

21:00 – 21:10 – Read a last story in bed.

21:10 – 21:15- Lie talking to Scott and realise he isn’t going to nod off gently.

21:15 – Leave room and sit on my own bed to wait for Scott to settle.

21:17 – Put Scott back in his bed.

21:19 – “I’m thirsty.” Give Scott drink of water.

21:22 – “I need a pee pee.” Take Scott to toilet.

21:24 – Ignore shouting; “Why did Daddy miss the train?”

21:26 – Give a last cuddle.

21:30 – Head down stairs. “I need a poo.” Take Scott to toilet. “Actually I don’t”

21:34 – Silence at last. Head downstairs. Sort washing. Start blogging!

22:45 = Just finished watching Lance Armstrong documentary. That was shocking. Still saddened by it and still have a drawer full of his tainted merchandise which I can no longer wear! And tomorrow it begins again………







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