All the fun of the Fantastic Funfair

We have had a fun filled first weekend of the summer holidays. We had the Singing Kettle Fantastic Funfair show yesterday afternoon so had a quick morning at the On-x swimming in Linwood. What a disappointment for Scott – the rules for the flumes have changed and he has regressed to having only one flume option, AND I had to go on it with him. He was a tad disappointed about this.

Scott had his picnic while I was getting dressed:

SAM_6140 SAM_6139We then had a quick run around in the park with lots of climbing:

SAM_6147 SAM_6148 SAM_6149Scott tells me it’s okay though as he has Spiderman’s climbing powers, he just doesn’t have webs shooting out his hands – “just cuts from where I’ve fallen.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement of super powers!

SAM_6145 SAM_6152

SAM_6153This photo tickles me as he looks like a teenager:

SAM_6154The Singing Kettle started with the big balloons in the audience which is always a big hit with Scott:

SAM_6177 SAM_6173 SAM_6167

SAM_6163 SAM_6169Pre-show selfie:

SAM_6158During the 2nd half of the show, we had a rather scary few minutes when Scott was selected to go on stage to assist with one of the songs. Now, every time they ask for volunteers he is jumping up and down with his hand up. However, I don’t think he has actually been very sure what he is doing this for and is more just copying the other kids. Nevertheless, he was picked and off he toddled!

SAM_6186Billy and I were quite anxious. It is fairly common for the kids to change their minds and appear at the side of the stage with an assistant. Scott did it, though! We could both tell that he was very nervous up on stage, but he did play the part beautifully of a carousel horse – even if I do say so myself! God help us if he does ever go on to do any performing things – we will be nervous wrecks.

Despite his stage appearance, he was all bashful when he met Kevin and Anya after the show:

SAM_6189 SAM_6188

SAM_6185How can you not heart the Singing Kettle?

This afternoon, Billy wasn’t feeling too great so Scott and I headed off to Lunderston Bay for some beach fun. I was a bit caught out with how warm the sand was on my feet, but fortunately Scott had sandals:



The water was FREEZING!


SAM_6211 SAM_6213 SAM_6216


Wasn’t long before I was getting sea-weed chucked at me:SAM_6215



When I asked Scott later, he said that his favourite thing we did today was rock climbing:

SAM_6220 SAM_6224 SAM_6221

This is us at the top of the “highest tower”:



We also had some good rock-pooling and no crab is safe when Scott is around!

SAM_6231 SAM_6226A great afternoon at the beach. I had to tell Scott the beach was closing to get him to leave!

This weekend I felt I wanted to try another long run again for the first time since the marathon. I had in my head 3 goals: 1) I wanted to finish, 2) I wanted to not knacker myself to the extent that I could do nothing the rest of the day, 3) I wanted to do it with a smile on my face. To this end, I kept it to a modest 10 miles and a wee trot it was. I did manage to smile for the most part and appreciate the changes that have emerged in the scenery since I last ploughed this route. I also made the symbolic gesture of wearing my marathon finisher’s t-shirt for the 1st time. I still think of this day often and it even appears in my dreams. Even today I felt the what if? when I was running. Despite my diminished fitness level, I felt I could’ve made a better fist of a marathon with how I felt running today. But that’s the thing about running, it has it’s good days and bad days. I have a feeling that me and running are going to continue our relationship through the rough and the smooth.

Post-run selfie, it’s been a while:


My attempt to get the back of the shirt. Not as easy as it looks!SAM_6204


My mum’s birthday is on Tuesday. She won’t be around so I made her cake early. It was small – less than 1 day to eat –  and just a basic Victoria Sandwich with strawberry buttercream icing. Scott had fun helping me make it. I must be mental as I have started to let Scott crack the eggs. It is his favourite job! I always have spares!

Happy birthday, mum:

SAM_6128 SAM_6136









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