The roootinest tootinest cowboys in town

More bright weather this weekend meant more outdoor fun. We got the water games set up for a good soaking:



Scott was also treated to some free entertainment on Saturday morning when the Jewson lorry made a delivery, crane and all at our back door:

SAM_6060 SAM_6061

We had a lovely day today at Finlaystone with Billy’s cousins. There was a “Cowboys and Indians”theme day so Scott went suitably dressed:


Old Western stereotypes about the “sneaky Injun” aside, it was good fun for the kids.

SAM_6078 SAM_6091



They put some games on including horse racing with the space hoppers:




A tumble off his steed: SAM_6076


The junior cowboys lining up:


The climax was the “shoot-out” at the Ok Carrol. Now, this was a tad scary. The guns were very loud and they finished by running at the kids. Scott did take a shudder, but he was soon shaking his fist and shouting, “You didn’t scare me!”


As a mum, the whole gun thing makes me very uncomfortable. Scott is always drawn to them in toy shops and has played “finger guns” for ages. However, I never engage with him when he is doing it and resolutely refuse to buy a toy gun for him. He does frequently play with them wherever he finds them and I realise I am probably fighting against the inevitable. I am hypocritical in that I do allow historical weapons – swords, cannonballs, trebuchet to defend a castle etc!

In a funny twist, it turned out that two of the cowboys in this particular re-enactment group were former pupils and cited their enjoyment of History as an inspiration for their involvement. However, I think there may be some issues with historical accuracy – they also do Robin Hood and Pirates amongst other things!

We had a lovely ice-cream break:



Scott and Ethan:SAM_6101 SAM_6098And a bit of cheeky fun with Aaron:

SAM_6104 SAM_6107



Monkeying around:

SAM_6111 SAM_6110 SAM_6108


At the slides:

Jeezo, this looks wild!

SAM_6118 SAM_6116 SAM_6115

My slide selfie:


On the pirate ship:

SAM_6081 SAM_6082

And finally, on the zip slide:

SAM_6123 SAM_6125 SAM_6127Another great day!

I read an interesting article this week about taking running “old school.” This means no tracking speed, distance, time, no heart rate monitors, no Ipod, no energy gels, no electrolyte replacements and over-thinking it. Just put the trainers on and run. Judge the distance yourself, run as fast (or slow!) as you feel your body wants to go. I have been leaving the watch and Ipod behind on a few runs recently and have enjoyed the freedom from any pressure. I certainly appreciated the fantastic solitude of my early morning run today in the lovely brightness of the summer morning. I set off before 7am and it felt great. (though I did track my time and it was slow!) I have a few ideas brewing for future running targets and it is easy on pleasant days like today to think they are a good idea! At the start of the week, I had a couple of runs after work that were really punishing in the afternoon heat that reminded me that I am not in great running shape at the moment.

I am still gutted whenever I think of the marathon (and the t-shirt is still at the bottom of my drawer) but I saw this the other day and it made me laugh. Yes, I puked at the side of the road twice in front of countless spectators, but it wasn’t quite this bad…..














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