Fathers Day

We have had a busy Fathers Day/World Cup weekend. On Saturday, Scott had his penultimate Mini Kickers and Mini Movers sessions before the summer holidays. It is great to see the progress that he has made in gymnastics. SAM_5998 He really loves it and does regular at-home sessions of tuck jumps and his speciality – the twist jump off various items of furniture! We ended up with some unexpected sunshine on Saturday afternoon so got into the World Cup spirit: SAM_6001 SAM_6002   We also had some colouring in: SAM_5999   Yes, I know, my Sandman colouring-in is of a very high standard! Scott was then extremely delighted to have cousin Jude over for a sleepover. We started by taking Jude to one of Scott’s favourite places – the burn. SAM_6004 SAM_6005 SAM_6013 SAM_6010   It wasn’t long before some started to cool off a little…… SAM_6018 SAM_6016 SAM_6007   SAM_6021 SAM_6020 And of course, things got taken to the next level: SAM_6023 SAM_6022   Made it to the other side!SAM_6024   A game of hide  and seek on the way back: SAM_6027 Scott told me he was like a chameleon with this t-shirt! not quite!SAM_6028     We had a wee quiet time before bed-time and Mr Thomas sat with Thomas cup in hand watching Thomas the Tank Engine on TV. SAM_6031   After getting the boys down for the night, we bravely attempted to stay up for the duration of the England game. Billy managed it, I admitted defeat after Italy’s 2nd goal. Fathers Day gave me reason for my first real baking experience in our new kitchen and I  luxuriated in my new found counter space! SAM_5996Plenty of space for three bakes. This my Dad’s coconut raspberry cake. Amidst all the tins I have, unfortunately I don’t have two 23cm tins so I had to do three smaller tins instead. This meant a bit more coconut butter cream and raspberry compote sandwiching: SAM_6043This was my first bake from the Three Sisters Cook Book and I am very happy with it. For Billy, I made a lemon meringue sponge from the “Great British Bake-Off Everyday Bakes” book: SAM_5985Ha, spot the cake in the white zone! SAM_6058   SAM_6044   Scott was a good help to me making these on Saturday morning: SAM_5994   Though, when he gets bored this task buys me a bit of time!: SAM_5992 SAM_5987   This morning, Scott was desperate to get Jude in on the baking act too, so we made some Thomas and Postman Pat cakes. What a team:SAM_6035 SAM_6032 SAM_6038 SAM_6033   It was a bit more overcast today, but we managed a trip to the park: SAM_6055   SAM_6052   This manoeuvre isn’t good for the heart!SAM_6050     The skate park also proved a big hit for scooting and sliding:SAM_6046 SAM_6049   Finally, for all you softies, here is a tear-jerker about being a Dad by Brad Anderson. Happy Fathers Day Dads x   SAM_6059

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