Love and marriage

Every morning for the past week or so I have woken up and thought, “It must be Friday, or even Saturday.” My energy levels are low and I am struggling to find the motivation to bounce into work or get anything much done around the house. Everything is getting put off till the summer holidays in my head. Although how I magically think that I am somehow going to get more time then I’m not quite sure! I got a wee extra bonus package of marking to do on Friday and I think that has sapped the last remaining energy stores completely. Thankfully that has now finished just in time for the start of the World Cup!

Last weekend was my sister Eileen’s long anticipated wedding to Andrew. I was a bridesmaid so was without a camera for much of the day so unfortunately I do not have many pictures of the beautiful bride.

This one shows off the stunning detail of her dress, though:


With her boy:SAM_5961

My Mum and Dad’s fantastic speech bit:


Scott and Jude sharing a “picnic” in the lobby:

SAM_5952 SAM_5954

Wedding day cuddles:


Ever wondered what a bride on a bouncy castle looked like?


My boys:


My Mum and Dad giving it large on the dance-floor:


I am sure Eileen and Andrew will have lots of happy memories of their special day.

Scott having a shot of my bouquet on Sunday – I think he suits it better!



On Sunday we set out with the intention of going to Rouken Glen Park, but on the way there the dark clouds descended and our trip was rained off. We made a slight detour and headed to Silverburn instead. Scott was not best pleased when he woke up after dozing off to find out that we were going shopping instead!

Fortunately the weather brightened up so we stopped off at Pollok Park for a while.

Scott wasn’t too sure if it was best to go up or come down this bit:

SAM_5978 SAM_5979 SAM_5980

The flying fox was definitely his favourite though:

SAM_5982 SAM_5983 SAM_5984 SAM_5981

Looking forward to getting back onto some kind of an even keel this week, but probably kidding myself on there! I am also hoping to start some kind of proper running programme again soon, but have a horrid feeling that I have burned myself out a bit in that department and that I may be looking to after the summer before I can pick things up again. My times are slow and a 5 or 6 mile run is expending more energy than it should at the moment. It may be time to mix things up a bit and I am on the lookout for good motivational books and new workout ideas. Or maybe just good ways to get myself more couch time might work! 🙂

P.S. Tomorrow it will be 10 years since Billy and I first met!

“The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.” – Woody Allen

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