Attack of the Midgeons

We have been plagued by midgies over the last few days. Scott has been quite fascinated by this and refers to them as “midgeons”. I have had quite detailed conversations with him about insect life and he is particularly well versed on mosquitoes. I haven’t used the word malaria, but he knows that a mosquito bite can lead to a serious illness and he has some understanding of mosquito population patterns! Every day’s a school day in this house. Billy and I are, however, reluctant to correct the “midgeon” terminology because it sounds so cool. It reminds me of something from Doctor Who!

We had a glorious day on Saturday so I took Scott to Barshaw Park after gymnastics and he had a great day.

SAM_5923 SAM_5909 SAM_5898



He did use up all my pennies on the shows:

SAM_5906 SAM_5904 SAM_5902

SAM_5926 SAM_5928 SAM_5930 SAM_5925

But his all time favourite thing this time was the BMX park. He was enthralled watching the older kids going round the course and asked me when he could get a bike like that. I told him 10 years and he wasn’t too happy! Despite the sign banning it, I did let Scott have a shot on his scooter and he loved it.

SAM_5917 SAM_5915 SAM_5912 SAM_5910 SAM_5911

I had to drag him away when it filled up with kids again and the park scooting didn’t cut it for the thrills!

SAM_5900Look at his foot  | this is why this boy is forever needing new shoes!



He also had a go at the traditional hill rolling:


We finished with a shot on the miniature train:

SAM_5933 SAM_5934

On Sunday we endured another midgeon attack up the burn.

SAM_5935 SAM_5937 SAM_5938

So, 9 days post marathon I am beginning to get over my disappointment. My legs are still telling me that a great effort was endured despite the fact that I went so slow. Apparently muscle fibres and tissue damage incurred during a marathon takes 4 weeks to restore so I suppose I shouldn’t hope for too much too soon. (I am also 80% more vulnerable to colds – don’t fancy my chances much!) I have cumulatively covered just over marathon distance in my runs the past week and the stiffness and heaviness has been bad. I need to spend much more time stretching. My hamstrings in particular are shot. I have also been contemplating my next move. Another marathon is a consideration, but I don’t know how realistic that is. I have found it difficult not to ruminate about what went wrong and one current theory is that I gave too much in my training. When I think of all the miles and the toll it took I can’t help but wonder. I certainly don’t know if my body would forgive me if I put it through all that again! Now is definitely not the time to decide. I am completely unprepared mentally and utterly exhausted. I have finally finished my marking and that has done for me too. I have seldom felt so bone weary.

On Sunday, Billy received the sad news that his Nana had passed away. Scott was extremely lucky to have met his formidable “great Nana”.

Nana and Scott

This is Scott showing off his new shoes to Nana on her 90th birthday:



I know I will always remember my first meeting with her for the fact that she was on the phone to Billy’s mum the minute we left her house to give her thoughts on Billy’s girlfriend!


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