I’m not asleep…but that doesn’t mean I’m awake

Oh dear. I am unreasonably tired with a week to go to Marathon Day. The so-called “taper” has not left me feeling convinced of my abilities as my (much shorter) runs have been sluggish. I have been downing Echinea in an attempt to ward off a cold and generally feeling quite meh and in need of a holiday. Work and marking have been grating away at me and I am due to start the next batch of marking on Wednesday. It feels as though I am sleepwalking my way through the days.

Top of the list for pushing the blood pressure through the roof has been the new kitchen instillation. I am hopelessly excited about getting it all done, but my goodness is the process painful. There has been stuff EVERYWHERE. There is not a room untouched. The dust is atrocious and I have a sore back from shifting boxes.  The no kitchen sink for three days was a skiddle and claustrophobia has set in at times. I did a midnight o’clocker on Friday night sorting through things and then more early Saturday morning and evening. I definitely think that one of the best things about being rich would be that you would never have to deal with such things. Painting and doors still to do. Hopefully by this time in a week we’ll be there.

This does fill my heart with joy: My new baking cupboard!!! Hopefully I will be able to keep track of things a bit more. I have 3 bags of brown sugar and endless amounts of cake sprinkles. Need to get the new oven tested though I am a bit bamboozled by the new double oven and whether fan assisted will be better for cakes or not? I have read conflicting reports! Any personal experience gratefully received.


My tetchiness can probably partly explain why Scott was getting into such bother with me on Saturday morning. Fortunately things did pick up and I am so pleased with how well he is doing with his gymnastics. Although the coach has to keep telling him not to attempt backwards jumping off the box! (Scott has a thing about backward somersaults) We then had a good trip to the Big Adventure softplay with Rachel, giving me a good wee catch up with Roslyn and Joanne.

No photography allowed inside so Scott posed his “sad face” and “happy face” in the car before we went in:

SAM_5885 SAM_5884

Today was the first time in weeks that I had no “long run” to recover from. Just a steady 8 mile run today. I was very thankful for this given the rain and wind. Everything crossed that conditions are better in Edinburgh next Sunday.

The final post-run selfie:


I resolve to try and get more sleep this week and give myself my best shot at this. My hope is that sticking to the programme will be rewarded.

Crunch time is coming: In one week it will all be over and you can read all about it here!

Please donate to the Stroke Association at http://www.justgiving.com/Dolina

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