Fresh starts

Scott gave me a torrid start to the weekend on Saturday morning, acting up with all sorts of bad behaviour at Mini Kickers and then in the house so I threatened him with no gymnastics. Eventually we settled on a “fresh start” and fortunately he was flawless at gymnastics.

SAM_5854 SAM_5853

Unfortunately, the “fake phonecalls” no longer seem to fool Scott. A common ploy is to pick up our phones and say, “Sorry X, Scott won’t be able to come today after all, he’s being too naughty.” I tried this on Saturday morning as Scott’s friend’s Niko was coming over and I attempted to fool Scott into thinking I was phoning Niko’s mum to cancel. However, he has wisened to it and said, “But I couldn’t hear her.” New tactics required!

In the event Niko did come over and the weather was smashing. The boys played outside most of the time, but they also managed to play with every toy  Scott has at some point and eat about a million snacks!

SAM_5855 SAM_5856

Amazingly no-one was injured in this game!

On to the 3rd helping of fruit:



Matching pairsSAM_5860


It hasn’t been exactly what you could call a relaxing weekend. We are getting a new kitchen next week and clearing out the old one isn’t a fun job. All pots, pans etc are now away so no cooking for the foreseeable! I am having a wee bake sale at work this week for donations to the Stroke Association to bolster my marathon fundraising. This was a last shot in my old kitchen. Definitely no tears about that!



And Red Velvet Cupcakes:SAM_5863 SAM_5861


Bake sale, bake sale!


We also had a last painting session to make a butterfly for Scott to take to nursery this week. I have a feeling this will be the last time that I am not precious about him making a mess!

Farewell old kitchen:

SAM_5874 SAM_5875


The 1st of the “taper weeks” wasn’t quite as easy as I had imagined. Total mileage was 28 miles which doesn’t sound too bad, but I didn’t particularly enjoy my 12 mile run today. I just didn’t feel firing on all cylinders and was a bit slower than I would have liked for my final “long run” pre-Marathon. Next Sunday I only have to run 8 miles!


However, I do have to say that I feel as though I have recovered fairly well from this run. Maybe I have got to the stage where 12 miles doesn’t feel too bad or maybe it is because of this….


The perfect post-race recovery drink. It has loads of goodness in it and, yes, I really did drink it…..


It’s not as bad to get down as you might think…….

Ok, enough messing. It does look very pee like, but is in fact an electrolyte replacement drink that I got a free sample of in my marathon pack. It did not taste great, but I got kind of used to it and did not resort to my bed post run for a change (not that I had much choice with a kitchen to clear and a trip to the kitchen shop to choose our flooring). I might give this drink another shot. Apparently we get handed it at the finish line of the marathon with 2 bottles of water to dilute the tablets. Sounds a bit complicated after 26.2 miles.

Scott has re-discovered his marble game this weekend. I am rubbish at setting it up for him. Fortunately Billy is a pro.



He even got it set up to such an extent that when Scott set the marbles down and came in to have tea, we were all sitting at the table for ages still hearing the marbles clinking down!

A final note of relief. After two successive wins including a last day nail-biter against Hibs, Killie secured their Premiership status for another season. This was my favourite pic that emerged this weekend from 20 years ago at Easter Road when Killie again needed at least a draw to survive.  I am here somewhere in that sea of Killie fans with my mum, dad and brother. It was a great day, if a very anxious one. Fond memories of my childhood hero, TB. He was some man. x



Regular sponsorship reminders are now inevitable with 2 weeks to go:

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