Let the taper commence!

Keeping it quick again as marking is still in full swing…

We had no Saturday activities planned this week due to the school holidays, so we had a lazy start to the day, playing games and finally getting round to making some chocolate eggs that Scott was kindly given at Easter. We had to melt some chocolate before pouring it into the moulds.


Someone liked this job, but not as much as taste tester. Scott has even got the chat going: “I just need to give this a wee taste, mummy. Just to check that it tastes okay.”




He did take his craftsmanship very seriously with the decorating.SAM_5808


And he was very pleased with his finished eggs:


Of all the things to do, Scott most wanted to go swimming. We really need to get this boy lessons as he is desperate to swim. He is jumping in and throwing himself under water all over the place. At the Onx this was the first time that Scott has been allowed down the slides by himself and he was delighted. This is such a novelty to him that I have to wait in the water so he can go up the steps “all by himself.” We were in for 2 hours!


The weather held up for us to get to the park afterwards and it was slightly anxious watching for much of it as the main thing he wanted to do was climb.

SAM_5814 SAM_5823 SAM_5817 SAM_5816 SAM_5837 SAM_5840 SAM_5820 SAM_5827 SAM_5826




Sometimes, it might be best not to look!




The swing proved to be too tame.

SAM_5834 SAM_5835


This week’s marathon training plan included the second and final 20 mile training run. I am delighted to say that with three weeks to go that this means that “the taper” can now begin. No more 8 milers during the week, a 12 mile long run next week with a mileage total reduced to 33 miles. I did the same as before – twice round Millport. Again, the conditions were not great with some heavy showers, but I am so pleased to have made it. Not too sure how I am going to manage 5 miles tomorrow mind you, given that I can barely walk tonight!

Billy and Scott came over a bit after me and were a quarter of a mile from the “finish line” to give me a wee boost to take me those last few steps:

SAM_5843 SAM_5844 SAM_5845

I had a kind of dress rehearsal, wearing my intended running vest and shorts and was pleased with my time. Fingers crossed I can go as well on the day.


Unfortunately I felt ropey after I had finished (the 2 mile walk to the bus after the marathon is going to be fun!) and had terrible heartburn. This started during my run and was with me for hours afterwards. I was like a burst ball as usual so had to resort to my bed while Billy took Scott to Niko’s birthday party. This didn’t exactly help my marking progress today!

I am hoping to get a sports massage next week and should be finished this batch of marking to allow a few days before my next feed begins…

Please don’t forget my sponsorship details. I am using this as a bit of extra motivation and it would be great if I could get a few pounds to hand over to a good cause. The Stroke Association has launched a campaign this week “Not just a funny turn.” It is worth a look.

To donate please go to: http://www.justgiving.com/Dolina

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