Eat, sleep, mark, repeat

I have to keep this short this week as marking duties are in full swing.  This year’s changes are a tad stressful and trying to explain to Scott that I can’t play with him all the time isn’t easy.

Scott was glad to be back at Mini Kickers this week:

SAM_5751 SAM_5750

And he had great fun with all his nursery friend’s at Dylan’s birthday party:


Meeting the pirate:SAM_5781

Scott and Niko doing the “Hokey Kokey”SAM_5788

Amigos: with Niko and Birthday Boy DylanSAM_5756

Dylan is 4:SAM_5770

This group are clearly very used to dining together at nursery. They were oh so civilised and sat really well:SAM_5772

It got a bit noisy with all the toots though:SAM_5767

With KaiSAM_5778


It was a lovely day for Scott and I could more or less let him get on with it. One softplay was not enough, though so I took him to the Vikingar softplay to burn off some more energy on the way home and coincidentally Niko showed up too! And in a double bonus for Scott, he ended up at the park today with Kai. Billy and some friends took him putting today, but Scott got bored round about hole 2 so was glad to take up the offer to join Kai and his mum at the park. Unfortunately I was otherwise engaged!

Running total was 35 miles this week with a shorter “long run” of 12 miles. The 12 miler went okay, but I thought it was colder than it was and ended up overheating in my long sleeved top.

Rocking the Peter Stringfellow look:SAM_5798

The final 20 mile test takes place next week and then the taper begins. Just got to get through this marking drama…:-(


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