Busy Easter

We have had a busy last few days and have been making the most of the lovely weather getting out and about. We went egg rolling yesterday at Tower Hill in Gourock. We had quite a stack of eggs to roll:


There is something surprisingly fun about this pursuit and the hill we chose was a popular choice:


We made a couple of circuits as Scott was enjoying it so much:

SAM_5721 SAM_5722



Billy tells me that this cairn was built especially for the filming of a Taggart episode so if anyone has the back catalogue feel free to give me the details!SAM_5723


We paid a visit to Billy’s Uncle Stewart and Aunt Wendy while we were in Gourock and Scott had a great time there too! He remembered a previous visit where he had a shot being pushed in Stewart’s wheelbarrow and the wee rascal managed to charm another go this time! He remembered being in a “go-kart” and said he wanted to have a “look” at it. Billy and I both knew there would only be one outcome:


Today we met up with Billy’s cousin Kirsty and her family at Finlaystone and again we had a fantastic day. Scott loves playing with Ethan and they ran around together all day. We had great weather again, a lovely picnic and some great playing.

Finlaystone has brilliant rustic slides. This one is definitely not for the adult shape!

SAM_5729 SAM_5726

Ethan’s method acting of “surprised face” here is certainly worthy of note!



Unfortunately, I have far too few photos of the smiley Barney.


He was usually a step behind the bigger two.

Ahoy there! On the pirate ship:




Eating faces:SAM_5741


Anyone for tennis?




Spiderman – does whatever a spider can…


These faces can only mean trouble:


It was a great day. 🙂

Last week’s running total was 43 miles and I completed my longest run to date in the programme of 20 miles. I did this on Thursday due to a jam packed weekend and ran round Millport twice. It went as well as can be expected really and I was pleased to make it in under the 3 hour mark. Conditions were a bit variable with plenty of wind at times but I was glad to make it relatively unscathed.


As always, I have paid the price in terms of post run recovery and had a couple of slow runs in the days following the 20 mile effort. I have also had a flare up in my stomach this past week which hasn’t helped much. I am also guessing that most training schedules do not include “Run about up and down slides with a three year old all day, carry him some, then come home and run for 5 miles.” The post long run recovery is always the big hurdle to overcome. I have started this week’s training with an 8 miler today in what is a “recovery week” with a shorter long-run to “enjoy” on Sunday. I have also launched my just giving page which I would ask you to visit and donate if you can. All funds raised go to the Stroke Association. Thank you!



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