Scott has taken to saying “Gulp” when either he is caught doing something he shouldn’t be, or when he knows he has done something wrong. Sometimes though, it can be when he just thinks he has done something wrong – i.e. the other day he came in and said “Gulp” and it transpired that he had put some money into a piggy bank! His current string of offences seem to be mainly linked to him pinching food. Everything needs to be locked away from his grubby little hands! He really likes a book he got recently called “Albert and Sarah-Jane” which involves Albert the dog getting carried away with his pinching of food from Sarah-Jane the cat’s bowl. I have tried to use this to meaningfully point out that he shouldn’t just be taking food without asking. (When I say food, it is generally sweets or chocolate!) However, his response when I read it to him this morning was that he “didn’t get carried away his nibbling, he just liked it.”

Scott was a bit unwell on Thursday and got sent home from nursery feeling sick. He was indeed sick, but fortunately it didn’t seem to last and he was fine the next day. He was mainly fine after being sick and did lots of painting and playing games. He just didn’t eat his tea and had some jelly and an ice lolly instead!

This is his pale “not well face”. Bless him!SAM_5624

It’s amazing the things you end up watching when you have a 3 year old. We happily sat through “Baby’s day out” which felt like another version of “Home Alone” with the bafoons of the story getting all manners of a battering on a building site.SAM_5622Billy took Scott out yesterday while I was doing my run and they had a nice walk at the Greenock Cut.


This week was a “recovery week” in my training programme and, as I have felt before, it doesn’t always seem that way! I felt quite sluggish on most of my runs and am already yearning for “the taper” when things ease off in anticipation of the main event. However, I still have two 20 mile runs to do before I get to that stage. This week’s recovery mode long-run was 13 miles. I took it slow and it was ok.

20140412-204417.jpg 20140412-204329.jpg

I seriously need to get a hair-band. The windswept look is getting very old.

I managed to recover sufficiently to make strawberry cheesecake after my run. I bought a fabulous new cook book from Ella’s Kitchen and I am really looking forward to trying out a lot of the recipes. This was one of them and the beauty of it is you can kind of kid yourself on a bit that it is healthy. No sugar involved and the base is oatcakes and roasted hazelnuts. The only real naughty is the double cream. I failed in removing the cake from the tin – I stupidly didn’t use a removable base tin or line with enough baking paper to lift the cake out and had to butcher it to get it out.

What a dog’s breakfast!



It does taste very nice though:

SAM_5628 SAM_5629


Today we took Scott’s cousin Jude to softplay while my sister was doing “weddingy” things. The boys both had a great time:

SAM_5630 SAM_5637 SAM_5638 SAM_5640


Scott was a nice big cousin and helped Jude out:



It is very difficult to get a good photo of them together, though!

SAM_5634 SAM_5636

This was the best I could do:


Fun times. 20 mile run to do this week. Gulp! 🙂


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