18 miles not out

We visited the re-vamped Bannockburn Heritage Centre yesterday. I still have a wee eye on attending the Bannockburn Live festival, but not am not too sure if it is worth the money. The weather wasn’t great, but there isn’t much to see outside. I was a bit disappointed by this as I thought they would have added to the Bruce statue with some more exhibits and a bit of atmosphere.


This whole horse thing proved to be a bit confusing for our Scott. It was Grand National day so Billy got Scott to pick his horse and he spent a good part of the day thinking we were going to see horses or going to ride on them! This was the best we could do.

This place attracts a certain type of person..




These guys just happened to be there. I love battle re-enactment people! I am trying to convince Billy that going to battle re-enactments could be a hobby – just watching, mind!

We did not plan very well and had to hang around a while before we could get a time slot to go into the exhibition. We can highly recommend the cafe – the food was excellent and Scott got to colour in King Robert who soon became a Rainbow Warrior. They also had awesome little sword shortbread biscuits for kids which Scott loved.


The 3D exhibition was really good and quite spectacular in places. It is just a walk through room with the battle re-enacted.

3D Dude



There is also the opportunity to listen to the stories of soldiers from both sides.


I also liked the fact that you could touch the exhibits though strangely the club, battleaxe, crossbow etc were firmly screwed down!


There is also the opportunity to participate in a game where players play the part of the various commanders at the Battle of Bannockburn. We just viewed this, but it is very interesting and I did get to step into the shoes of Commander 20 and give a couple of instructions for the Welsh archers! We can definitely recommend Bannockburn, but it isn’t cheap and you are best to book.

We had to steer Scott away from the Edward II gear which he seemed to prefer and insist he got the King Robert gear!


As is turned out, he did have something to cheer about. Scott’s Grand National pick, Balthazar King, came in 2nd and landed him £10! Scott chose this horse by name. He really likes the sound of it! My instinctive choice Long Run fell early on, which did not fill me with confidence for the task ahead……

Well, as I mentioned last time, my long run did not go well last week. I was extremely anxious at the start of the week about running and had a bit of a mental block where I wasn’t sure if I could actually run again. However, things got better as the week progressed and I managed to stick to the schedule of two 8 mile runs, two 5 mile runs and spin class. I definitely did not want to hit the wall and burn out this week, so decided to take it slow for my 18 mile test. It was indeed slow and the last few miles were painful, but I was able to keep going. It would be nice to get some better weather and to not have to run in rain and strong winds, but I know that Marathon day could well be like this – or it could well be hot and uncomfortable!  I felt wretched after I had finished again and had to exit the bath to be sick. I don’t know what to blame this week. I think I still do not take on enough fluids but these long run Sundays tend to consist of my run, a bath, lying in a world of pain on my bedroom floor, before forcing myself to get into pjs and lying in bed for 2 hours. I can certainly sleep after it. I then struggle to eat my tea and basically to function for the rest of the day. I read in the news this week about the study that says high mileage and marathon training isn’t good for you and results in a shorter life span. I am inclined to agree. Long distance running does not appear to agree with me! This has been my highest weekly mileage to date – clocking 44 miles.

Resigned to my fate of feeling ropey for the rest of the day:SAM_5559


Next week is a “recovery week” after 2 weeks of high mileage. That will take me back down to 36 miles in preparation for the peak of the training – a 20 mile run.

“If I am still standing at the end of the race, hit me with a board and knock me down, because that means I didn’t run hard enough” Steve Ovett

No boards required here 🙂

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