All about the Win

I did my long run on Saturday this week so I could participate in Sport Relief on the Sunday. This week I had to run a half marathon, 13.1 miles, at a good pace. Overall, this week has been poor in terms of my pace and I have felt sluggish. Training this week has been a “recovery week” with shorter distances in preparation for a good half marathon and I have been disappointed with my running times. There is a danger of over thinking when you are in training and it may well just be one of those things with no real reason behind my sluggish week. However, I am always thinking and reading in case I can do something to improve my performance. I suspect though that like all female  runners I may be the victim of hormonal surges etc. which affect my performance. Don’t panic, no details!

My half marathon was okay, but a bit slower than I would have liked, though I wasn’t quite at race day speed and effort. I am very conscious that my long runs are not followed by rest days like I would expect after a race. In fact, my mileage goes up significantly next week with 2 x 8 miles and a 17 miler included in my schedule. I tried some of the energy gels this time. Initially I was decidedly unimpressed and had to fight back the urge to spit it out. It does not taste sweet and is quite gritty to taste, but I stuck with a mouthful every mile and I think I may have felt some benefit. My post run recovery certainly felt better this week. I have to say that I am sick of jelly babies and do not think I can face eating them again after this! I tried some fruit pastilles too this week, but they really don’t work. I realised that when I still had one in my mouth after 10 minutes that they can’t do down without some chew action, which is too much effort during a run! On the up-side, I managed to run a “negative split” which means the second half of my run was faster and I was able to do the last two miles at a good race finish speed.


13.1 miles later. Another lesson learned is that the gels are very sticky and a pocket has to be devoted to an open pouch alone.

On Saturday afternoon, Scott had a play date with a friend from nursery. This was another first for me – a friend he made himself and a meeting arranged through his own friendship. It is weird to think he has been at nursery for nearly 3 years now. To be fair I have been dropping Scott off at the same time as his friend’s mum all this time, but it is lovely to see how his friendship has developed. I was quite anxious as I left him at the friend’s house for an hour or so before going to pick him up. What if he was bad?! I used the opportunity to tidy up his cupboard and pack away some of his old clothes (a task that always depresses me 😦   ). Fortunately, he was fine and the boys apparently only had one “you’re not my best friend any more” incident!

Run recovery, as I said, was okay this week, but I didn’t sleep so great last night and woke at 3am ravenously hungry. I did consider going down and having something, but figured I could be up in 3 hours anyway. (It was 3 and a half hours later in the event.)

Today was Sport Relief and I wanted to do the event with Scott which was why I adjusted my schedule. Today was technically a rest day, so it meant I could enjoy the event. Scott chose his Superman costume and he had a smashing time. We had to convince him to go in the buggy to get there, but the minute we arrived at Inverclyde and he got out his buggy, he did not stop.

They had some fun obstacles and things set out for the kids pre- race:SAM_5484 SAM_5485

And he really enjoyed the mass warm up – He has been getting me to do these routines in the house with him!

SAM_5491 SAM_5493 SAM_5497 SAM_5498

It was a wonder that he had any energy left after all this:


Billy and I didn’t set off on the mile with the highest of expectations. Scott can be a bit lazy with his walking, but my did he go!


He ran himself out of puff all the way round and wouldn’t walk, despite our suggestions. He kept driving on! (Like mother like son!) He also wouldn’t let either of us get ahead of him and he kept putting his hand out to stop us going past. (Like father like son!) It took him 13 minutes to get round. I did another 2 laps and then we did post race photographs.

SAM_5500 SAM_5502

This is now Scott’s 3rd Sport Relief -1st one 4 years ago he was in my tummy, he toddled 2 years ago and ran this one. Who knows for the next one? 🙂

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