Love you lots like Jelly Tots

Lights out cannot come soon enough tonight! We are exhausted. We had the great pleasure of being guests at our good friend Laura’s wedding in Perth on Saturday. This involved a wee road trip and an overnight hotel stay. Of the three of us, Scott took the best dressed prize.



The budget was blown on his suiting and booting. Still, I am sure the model posing will mean the outfit pays for itself!

This was the closest I got to a pic with all three of us in it:



With Grandpa outside the church:




And Daddy:


SAM_5441 SAM_5440 SAM_5437


The service was very uncomfortable for me and Billy. Trying to restrict Scott from shouting out, keeping his eating down to a dull roar and getting him to stop sticking Fireman Sam stickers to the church pews was  a bit of an ordeal, but hopefully we noticed the most! Scott was all about the main event – the dancing….

He had been telling us all week about his moves, and he certainly pulled a few off. He was also dying to get a dance with the lovely wee flower girl, Millie.

Not the most confident of approaches:



But it worked!



The wedding was full of lovely surprises and the cake was very special too:



Scott was also very keen to get a dance with the beautiful bride. He made a move to intervene when Laura and her radiant bridesmaid Lynn were on the dancefloor:



But then ran off in fear when the girls approached!




He was most delighted to take part in this dance:




He break-danced, twerked and jigged his way through the night, stopping for occasional drink and food breaks. He ate loads!


He was also determined to have a shot of the camera:SAM_5475

Billy also made use of him for a bit of air guitar! Note, by this time the shirt and tie and shoes had all been discarded:

SAM_5478 SAM_5479


I kept on asking him if he wanted to go home and he kept saying “No!” At one stage he told me he wanted to stay “all night long.” Tiredness finally defeated him at 11pm and I took him back to the hotel, or “motel” as Scott took to calling it. Straight to sleep I thought. Aye right! It was after midnight before he finally stopped jabbering on! The absolute worst of it was the 6am wake up call. We had once again naively hoped for a long lie. It really must be a form of torture to have a 3 year old jumping on your head when you are so tired. Billy even tried protesting the Geneva convention, but to no avail. As such today has been so tiring and Scott has successfully managed to push every single one of my buttons all day long.

Surprise, surprise he fell asleep on the journey home so I stopped for some new trainers in Glasgow. My old pair had well and truly done their time. You are supposed to change your trainers every 500 miles, but a rough calculation tells me that my trusty pair did about 3 times that amount. I am hoping for any boost I can get at the moment. I did 15 miles on Thursday. I stopped between Ardrossan and West Kilbride on my way home from work and rain into Fairlie and back again to the car. It wasn’t nearly as torturous as last week’s endeavour (and certainly nowhere near the sleep deprivation hell!), but very leg weary towards the end.

15 mile run


My main concern is my slow recovery from the long runs. I am incredibly tired and heavy legged for a couple of days after my long runs. This then means that any training I manage is very sluggish. I am going to spend time researching recovery advice this week. I had my hand on  some powder (Chris Boardman recommended!) that you can mix with water to boost muscle recovery, but I am loathe to go down that line. I think these things are probably a waste of money and more in the mind, but if anyone I actually know can tell  me that it works…..I did invest in a couple of the energy gels which I intend to try on my next long run. Another thing I would invest in if I had the luxury of the full time gig ( a frequent day day dream of mine) is regular sports massage. I had one about a year ago and it was gooood. I intend to have one a couple of weeks before the big day.

This was my favourite pic of the weekend. We were outside moon gazing. We had some fab favours with a cute wee poem and Jelly Tots:



Love you lots like Jelly Tots ya wee energy sapping scamp! 🙂

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