The loneliness of the long distance runner

Scott kindly received a new football strip this week and he was keen to try it out at Mini Kickers:



I am pretty sure he will be the only one to go with a Bruges strip on in Largs!

Gymnastics wasn’t on this week and I had my long run to do on Saturday due to Sunday plans so Daddy was on duty from when he came in from work at 12.30. Unfortunately I wasn’t exactly feeling top banana before it started. Billy came in from work and remarked that I looked terrible and my face was paler than the bedspread. Not ideal preparation for my longest run in 9 years! In truth, I didn’t feel comfortable during any of the 14 miler and all that can really be said on the positive is that I made it through and didn’t give in to the temptation to phone Billy and say “Come and pick me up.” The howling wind didn’t help and I was running head on into at times and was struggling to keep moving at all. I went through Fairlie, past Hunterston and onto the coastal path straining to hear Kermode and Mayo over the noise of the trees rattling. I felt a bit of sick in my mouth at 11 miles and wondered briefly why I had ever thought this was a good idea. I really hope this is the low point of the training runs. In my final home straight up Flatt Road with The Artist Formerly Known as Prince giving his full live version of “Purple Rain” the full effort all I could think was “I’m in pain, I’m in pain, I’m in pain” – to the tune of course!

I haven’t felt good for the run since (apart from a sense of accomplishment) and have to read and think some more about my preparations in terms of sleep, hydration and nutrition. I have been thirsty since yesterday and am often hungry during the night. I think the energy gel is probably going to be getting a test run soon. The past week has been a step up in terms of mileage – two 7 milers, two 4 milers and a spin class with my longest run to date at 14 miles. I have been weary all day today and need to be ready to go again tomorrow. I am thinking I could maybe make this work if only I could do it as my full time job!




Yes indeed….SAM_5396


We celebrated International Women’s Day by watching Made in Dagenham last night. We really enjoyed it and was such a fitting film to watch. I hope that the young girls of today can continue the struggle that the Dagenham girls picked up in the 1960s. The Day gave me some chance to reflect on women of courage and I kept coming back to Rosa Luxemburg. I have always admired her since I first learned about her way back in Standard Grade History circa 1995. ” Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.” I hope I can achieve this “freedom” in my life.

It is funny how the smallest of details can make my heart so happy. Scott sometimes gets to talking about things that have happened during his day or week. Yesterday he told me all about getting pancakes last Tuesday at nursery. I luxuriated in hearing the details and things he had noticed. He could tell me the 4 other kids who got to go into “Karen the Cook’s Kitchen” with him to eat pancakes and syrup. They had to eat them in the kitchen because they are “really messy.” He told me all about Karen’s chairs having cushions with flowers on them. It is definitely the small things that can bring such happiness for me! The other funny thing  he is doing just now is naming his blanket. This is his bedtime cuddly and last night he was called Jason and tonight he is Rusty.

Today we had the pleasure of celebrating my nephew Jude’s 2nd birthday at his party:

SAM_5397 SAM_5399 SAM_5401

Scott was being extremely solicitous helping his wee cousin up: SAM_5402 SAM_5404


There were better pictures of them together, but they were too fast!


Birthday boy and his cake:SAM_5418 SAM_5420

And his balloons……SAM_5423


We even managed a trip to the park to top off a perfect day for Scott:

SAM_5425 SAM_5428


Fun times; now to bed! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

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