Scott had his first sleepover this weekend. After 3 and a half years of having him here every morning and night it was decidedly strange for him to be away overnight. We dropped him off at Granny and Grandpa’s house at 5 o’clock last night and picked him up at 10 o’clock this morning. I didn’t much like him not being there when we got home last night and it felt so weird his bed being empty. He was a star though and took it all in his stride. He was excited to be going and even managed to bring a Rumpelstiltsken reference in yesterday on the way to gymnastics: “If I’m bad will I have to go to Rumpelstiltsken’s for a sleepover?” I decided I definitely didn’t want to elaborate on what a Rumpel sleepover would entail – bed of nails? Baked beans bath?!

Yesterday was a standard Saturday – Mini Kickers:


……And gymnastics:

SAM_5380 SAM_5382

When we came back to Largs we went to the library and then to the park for a wee while:


It was cold, though and Scott was tired so we headed home fairly early.

We made Scott’s nursery “show and tell” this week – an arts and craft thing with recyclables.  They have been doing a project about Mike Recycle and Litterbug Dug and it is adorable hearing Scott talking about it. They have been litter picking and have taken a trip to the recycling bins in town and he is very vigilant at pointing out discarded rubbish!

Meet our pal, Robot Recycle:

SAM_5375 SAM_5377 SAM_5378

Our first Scott free night was to mark my birthday so we headed up to Glasgow hoping to go to the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe. Not exactly NYC or Boston, but we like to tick them off our list! Unfortunately the 3 and a half hour wait for a table wasn’t happening so we headed to a lovely little tapas place instead. Next time we may well try the place next door Cocktail and Burgers which was quite cool and had an American vibe.


We also went to the cinema to see “Twelve Years a Slave”. It is a fantastic film, but a really tough watch. I wasn’t really familiar with the stories of Black Americans from the North who were kidnapped into slavery. It was hard-going, but such a must see story and definitely one I will encourage my school kids to see when they’re old enough. Perhaps not the best birthday viewing mind you, but it was that or Dallas Buyers Club which is not a bundle of laughs either.

I was mighty glad so see my boy this morning and pleased that he had enjoyed his sleepover. I had a 9 miler to do this week which felt a bit weird given that the previous two “long-runs” had been further. It was a bit of a strange in-between distance of neither being a regular length run (6 miler) nor a long run. I fortunately got the good part of the day in terms of the weather so it was uneventful, but faithful readers may be disappointed that I forgot to do my post-run selfie this week! 🙂 The training steps up an increment next week with two 7 milers and a 14 mile long run. So far, I am really enjoying the training and the challenges it brings. It is so satisfying to “beat” my training times and I am loving reading about running as well. The debate over the speed of long-runs is particularly interesting me and will be something I consider more as the mileage increases.This may be something I will engage in further with my new birthday present Kindle.

Today we went to the Lego exhibition at Paisley museum after our neighbour had kindly passed on their ticket. Fortunately we were also able to pay it forward and pass the ticket on to someone else on the way out. Scott was a bit subdued so maybe didn’t get the most out of it. He has a cold and was tired so wasn’t quite his full self. There were lots of interesting Lego buildings. This was probably the most impressive – St Pancreas Station, London:

SAM_5389 SAM_5390

Scott was more interested in playing with some of the samples:

SAM_5391 SAM_5392

Need to try and schedule in more sleep this week to meet the increased training demands. We’ll see how that goes! 🙂

P.S. I know! I spend an extraordinary amount of time thinking about sleep. It has been this way for a while – say maybe three and a half years…………

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