A Rumplestiltsken Party

As mentioned in previous blogs, a lot of my parenting seems to involve threats and bribery. There is nothing like the promise of attending a birthday party as a means of getting Scott to comply. This week, we had (our good friend Roslyn’s wee girl) Rachel’s 6th birthday party to hold as a carrot for good behaviour. On Friday morning, Scott was acting up with me and I warned him that bad boys wouldn’t be allowed to go to Rachel’s party. He then asked me where he would go instead and I dreamed up the idea of Rumplestiltsken’s Party. He reacted to this with horror – “But he’s horrid!” He was quite distressed at the prospect so I elaborated a little – nettle cake, grass and worm sandwiches, sea-weed pizza are all on the menu at Rumplestiltsken’s party. Instead of marshmallow top hats? Marshamallows dipped in mud and topped with a stone! He was starting to get into it by this stage and added one of his own which involved poo! The games to be played include pass the parcel (with nails) and musical bumps landing on bricks. Of course, Scott wanted to know who else would be in attendance at ole’ Rumple’s do so I told him that the Poison Dwarf, bad fairy and wicked stepmother would all be there. The threat of a visit to wee Rumplestiltsken’s house can certainly send a shiver down Scott’s spine! So, who is your scariest fairytale character?

On Saturday morning we did some painting:

SAM_5336 SAM_5341 SAM_5342

We made a beautiful mermaid and a horrid little man…..


Scott has been conversing with him over the weekend!SAM_5350

Scott also had his first transfer tattoo on Saturday – a pirate treasure map:


He was showing it to people all day:


At gymnastics, Scott had a shot at this:


The coach then had them all finding things to match the colour of the rings. They were supposed to run and touch the items, but Scott got lazy with the blue!


Afterwards, we made it to Rachel’s party. He did keep pointing nervously at farmhouses along the way, checking if that was where Rumplestiltsken lived!

Scott is a BIG fan of dancing. Takes after his Dad!SAM_5361


Pass the pom pomSAM_5366

He was desperate to sit near Rachel, and happily she was willing to put up with him!SAM_5369

He had the best time!

Today was a 12 miler in the training schedule and unfortunately the weather was hellish. I was windswept and soaked 2 miles in. The way out was the worst. At least on the way back I knew I was heading for home. The legs were heavy by the end and I am hoping that this counts as one of the “grit your teeth and get on with it” days that will pay off on race day.

Today’s end of run picture should stay as an image in your mind. I will ask you to recall it when I am looking for sponsor money in a few months time!


Crazy eyes! Let’s do this! 🙂

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