Pearls of wisdom

One of Scott’s favourite TV shows at the moment is “Me too” on Cbeebies. The star of the show is Granny Murray (Isa from Still Game) . In every episode she gives a wee bit of advice that the characters later recall to help them through a tricky situation. The hilarious thing is, Scott seems to know that these are meant to be wee pearls of wisdom and he rushes up to me to share them each time – “Everybody likes a good laugh, Mummy.” The one he seemed to take most to heart was; “More haste, less speed.” I’m thinking it might be no bad thing to live the Granny Murray way!

The little mega mouth chatterbox is going to talk his way into trouble one of these days. He is becoming very pass-remarkable and on Friday when he was with my Mum, he told a woman on the bus that she looked like a witch! Eek! When I took him swimming on Saturday he started pointing and laughing at a boy leaving the sports centre wearing a karate suit – “Look, that silly boy is wearing his pyjamas!” Then when we were in the pool he pointed at an elderly gent wearing a thick gold chain – “He’s wearing a necklace in the water!” Fortunately he’s still cute enough to get away with it.

I had always wondered how to make the cakes with shapes inside and was pleasantly surprised to find it isn’t all that difficult. When I searched for Valentines cake ideas, this hidden heart was the one I chose to try:


The heart shapes are cut from cake 1 and then lined in the cake tin and covered with the batter for cake 2. Really pleased with how this turned out.


Saturday was Mini Kickers and Mini Movers:

SAM_5283 SAM_5284 SAM_5285A source of pride – 2 times winner at the rubber ring throw!


Guess who was 1st to touch?SAM_5287

After gymnastics we headed to On-x in Linwood. Much to Scott’s delight it was the “disco fun session” when we arrived so he was bopping away in the water and enjoying the atmosphere. There is something slightly disconcerting about a 3 year old singing along to “Eat, sleep, rave, repeat”, but he had a great time.SAM_5290I love the changing area. It is clean and new and has loads of room.

There is a good park just outside the swimming centre so we made the most of the late afternoon sunshine:SAM_5293


SAM_5303 SAM_5305 SAM_5306

SAM_5295 SAM_5297

More Granny Murray wisdom here? “If you take your time, you don’t fall, Mummy”


After a busy day, I wasn’t surprised when this happened on the way home:


We had more great winter park weather today, so we all headed to Gourock Park.SAM_5317 SAM_5320

Scott’s favourite game today was hide and seek. (He still isn’t very good at it!)

SAM_5322 SAM_5323

Sometimes you just have to let them get on with it:


This game was perhaps a tad dangerous, but a big hit. We all had to run round this using the stepping stones and try and stay on it. Pushing off was allowed- no prizes for guessing who had this idea. Funnily, enough, I was always 1st off and Scott was not even allowed one victory:SAM_5328

We had a lovely forest walk:SAM_5331

Some people can sleep anywhere……..SAM_5333

Castaways on the island:SAM_5334

It was a fab day and I am pleased to note I have come through the 1st “long run” of my training programme relatively unscathed. I was slightly anxious about this since I haven’t run near to this distance since completing the Half Marathon in October and that didn’t end well! Apologies for the coarseness of this turn of phrase, but I still have Billy’s remark ringing in my ears that I was “lying shaking like a shitting dog” several hours after giving it all I had in this particular race. It wasn’t pleasant. I was completely spent and quite sick afterwards. The speed was considerably  slower today, but I felt good. I am trying to think a bit more about fuelling myself adequately as running on empty became an issue in the Half Marathon. I am still considering my options for in-run energy replacement and don’t want to rule out the energy gels just yet, but I went for the tried and tested jelly baby option today. I got “mini jelly babies” but still found them a bit much in one go, so I think I will cut them in two for next time.

11 miles later. I was accompanied by Wittertainment (Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Review show) throughout and still had some JBs at the finish

SAM_53162 weeks down – 14 weeks to go. 🙂

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