Friday off

Oh what a difference an extra day off can make! I had a lovely Friday off and was so glad to get a bit of time to potter about in the morning and not feel like I am on the verge of a heart attack by 9 am. We had some fun playing doctor’s surgery in the morning.


Big Bird getting his tummy “snipped”. Don’t ever go to Doctor Scott with a sore tummy!SAM_5196

Maybe some medicine will do the trick……SAM_5197 

The waiting roomSAM_5199

Winnie the Pooh just about to get his tongue checked:SAM_5200


The sun shone a bit on Friday so we made the most of it with a trip to Eglinton Park:


SAM_5202 SAM_5209 SAM_5210 SAM_5213 SAM_5218 SAM_5223 SAM_5229 SAM_5231

We spent most of our time at the park playing Dolphin and Shark. This involved moving our arms around “swimming” on any blue patches and looking for desert islands to rest on.

SAM_5234 SAM_5235

Scott was determined to get up here but didn’t much enjoy the end result and wanted down pretty quickly.SAM_5236

Don’t look down!SAM_5237

Think he was in the middle of some long story here:SAM_5239



This boy’s chat makes me laugh so much. He steals so many lines from fairy stories that he mutters away. He felt my bed the other morning and said “…and felt the warm hollow of the sheets and said, someone’s been sleeping in my bed.” He frequently chats away between the knights on his castle with gems such as “Well, my pretty, you won’t escape so easily this time – with a sinister smile.” His vocab is brilliant, but goodness knows what he thinks it all means! He loves playing with my jewellery and is always trying to “borrow” bits. He took a necklace and said “Please let me have this, mummy. You really have to trust me.” I said, “But when will you give it back to me?” His reply? “In one week.”

I also love having the time to make more things myself on days off. I made some burgers for the menfolks’ tea on Friday night and Scott ate them well. He really enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics opening ceremony and was agog at some of the sights so we let him eat his tea in the living room as a special treat:



We did some cake making and Scott resumed his role as Chief Sprinkler:

SAM_5245 SAM_5246


On Saturday, Billy took Scott to Geek Retreat and Scott was fascinated by the chess playing so insisted on a lesson when he got home:



I’m not sure he is too keen on playing by the official rules yet!

In other news,  I have finished my first official week of marathon training. It was relatively painless with the longest run at six miles. The real work is to come in the weeks ahead. However, I am loving my Garmin purchase! I am trying my best not to fixate on it during my runs, but it is so tempting to keep checking my average speed and mileage. I also tried the heart rate monitor at my spinning class on Thursday and that was interesting to see. I need to read more into that because according to the poster in the studio my peak rate of 142 never hit anything more than endurance training. I had hoped that I might enter the speed-work zone during the sprints. I need to figure out my percentages and get an accurate resting heart zone so that the instructor’s “working at 75%” etc can start to make sense.

Friday’s run was good. I felt the benefit of a 7.20 am lie in (woo hoo) and a day off work. This is my finished reading – 5.01 miles in 38.26, average 7min41 sec miles.



Today I had to battle against the elements and was soaked and weather beaten. This was my slapped face!



Wait till you see the post long run face in the weeks ahead 🙂

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