Batman needs to swing on something

The wee man has cost us a pretty penny this weekend! On Saturday morning as I was pottering about in the kitchen, he sheepishly appeared and I guessed he had been up to no good. Sure enough, I went into the living room and discovered this:

SAM_5176The curtain rail ripped right down. Hence charge to Scott’s bill #1 – trip to B&Q for new curtain rail. He initially tried to tell me that it “just fell by itself” but eventually he admitted it, but with the all too reasonable excuse that Batman needs to swing on something in the house – with there being no rope and all!

We had our usual Saturday morning activities at football and gymnastics before the B&Q trip.

Barca top and Killie shorts – a winning combination:SAM_5178

Ever the unconventionalist:SAM_5179SAM_5180

Cute!SAM_5181Scott was pleasantly surprised by B&Q which he had initially dismissed as “rubbish” but he was rather impressed by the kitchens saying we could live there. The lack of food in the cupboards and the lack of bath toys in the bathrooms proved to be a deal breaker, though!

I am on to my second bake from the Bake Off Everyday bakes book and this one was indeed an “everyday bake”. Nice and straightforward and nice and light – Lemon and Poppyseed cake:SAM_5183SAM_5184

Today we took a trip to Glasgow and Scott got the next instalment of his weekend bill. We have a wedding coming up so had to get him suited and booted. He had his first experience trying on clothes in a changing room and proper school shoes shopping.SAM_5189A tie was also selected, but we will see how long that lasts on the day. After those “wee” purchases I have decided that I will be able to make do very nicely with some clothes I already have!

A wee reward was earned after good behaviour during the shopping trip. More cute points here again, but he kept waving his plastered finger to passer-bys to show off an earlier wound – maybe hoping for sympathy pennies?SAM_5191

One of Scott’s favourite Buchanan Street sights is Clanadonia. He got out his buggy to stamp along:SAM_5192

A rather awesome special appearance topped this, however – Iron Man!photo 1photo 2Some unknown charity was looking for £1 for a photo with Iron Man. Could’ve been a con, but was still cool. Iron Man cannot see a thing in this costume and needs led by the hand.

When we got home, we stumbled across the last 45 minutes of Eragon. Flying dragons, battles and fire breathing. This was right up Scott’s street and he happily sat beside me gripped watching it. That is not to say that there were not incessant questions throughout!

In other news I ordered a Garmin this weekend. EMF marathon training officially starts this week. I am excited to get my new contraption and start tracking my distance/speed/time. 16 weeks to go! 🙂

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