Prince Charming

Being a mum is hard. I feel as though I am going through a rough phase with Scott at the moment. In saying that, I do realise that the moment this phase is resolved, another phase will emerge that will challenge me just as much. I am constantly negotiating  with, threatening and bribing him just now. “Put your shoes on now or you can’t go out, if you eat your tea you can have 5 sweets, if you get up out of your bed again there will be no telly tomorrow.” Mornings have been a constant battle to get him dressed, fed and out the door. It is very hard mustering the energy each day for the inevitable tears and tantrums. Then I always have to leave him waving forlornly at the window or crying for another cuddle. At that moment I would give him a million cuddles. Unfortunately, by the time I get in from work the bedtime mania is just starting and I am probably not getting the best bits. Billy says he has been mentioning me more than usual recently when I’m not there which is maybe part of this phase.This morning he came through at 6.20 and wouldn’t go back to sleep or go downstairs with Billy (though Billy did really try) and I eventually gave in and took him down.

I took him to Mini Kickers yesterday morning and was furious with his carry on at the start. I had to take him out for a stern talking to and then he came back and was fine. Then he was super at gymnastics. He is really loving this class at the moment.

The climbing stuff is great for him, but he really enjoys the floor-work too.



The toddler train is one of my favourite bits to watch!SAM_5061

SAM_5062He informed the coach that this was his “twisty jump”

This is Scott’s diving board (Splash!)SAM_5063

The softplay trip was in the balance after the poor behaviour earlier, so Scott was pleased when told him he had redeemed himself sufficiently to go:


He got himself all raging at the softplay when his carefully constructed towers kept getting knocked down.


After his tea yesterday, he was a super wee boy again and had a great time playing penalty shoot outs (with a pretend ball). I am slightly concerned about what next week’s gymnastics may bring after Scott was very impressed with Richard Whitehead’s handstand dive in Splash! this week! Then the charmer sat next to me on the couch and turned my face to his and said, “Mummy, I love you so very much.” Jeez, the constant emotional rollercoster of parenthood!

In other news, I made a Great British Bake Off  chocolate cheesecake for my Mother In law’s birthday this week. The food processor I purchased as part of my Bake Off Challenge came in very handy for this one. It looked good, but here’s the thing: the cheesecake split:


Bit of a bummer, but easily covered with some chopped chocolate (Mint Aero):


I investigated the crackage and found several possible explanations – over mixing of ingredients (could be so), oven too hot (don’t think so – Gas 2 as advised), baked too long (maybe – I went for just over an hour – advised 1hr – 1hr 15), lack of moisture (next time I may try the putting pan of water in oven alongside cake solution for this).

This morning my mood reflected the weather – dark and very miserable. My enforced early start didn’t help. I am struggling to ever feel rested which is a slight concern as my long run training is rapidly approaching and Scott was giving me hassles again. It felt like it was going to be one of those days. Fortunately things picked up. the weather improved and I managed a run and Scott’s behaviour picked up. He ate his lunch without any hassle and played for a while. He is very into lining things up and fitting all his cars into various different spaces at the moment and he is very proud of himself each time.


We then went to Scott’s cousin Ethan’s birthday party and had the best time. Scott was engaged from start to finish and had such a ball. It was nice to be able to hang back and watch him.

The entertainment was fantastic and I have rarely seen so many kids so actively engaged for the full 2 hours.

This stick thing was great:


This picture makes me think Children’s Night Club. I can imagine glow sticks!


SAM_5085Maybe more chopsticks here!

SAM_5090I can’t remember what was happening here, but it was clearly gripping..

I saw Scott with his hand up ALL the time at this party! “Who’s going to be the winner? Who wants a shot? Who wants to….”


An extra entertaining pass the parcel:



The very cute audience: (Sorry, Billy and Mike, but there can only be one cutie here!)


I was surprised that Scott “got” the musical island game, but he loved it. He couldn’t get his island closer to his hero big cus, Ethan!

SAM_5108 SAM_5110 SAM_5114

And Ethan was very good to have him sit beside him at snack time:

SAM_5122 SAM_5123 SAM_5124What a pair of show offs!

Scott was seeking Ethan out the whole time and was delighted to get a bit of bouncy castle time with him:



The birthday boys and birthday girl (2nd pic) waiting for their cakes:

SAM_5128 SAM_5130

And then some very special guests arrived… Ethan meeting Buzz and birthday girl Milli with Rapunzel.


Our wee Prince Charming couldn’t take his eyes off the golden haired maiden!SAM_5140 SAM_5142

I have rather a lot of photos like this of him just staring. Scott hearts Rupunzel! He has loved the traditional fairytale for ages and he also really likes Tangled.


There followed lots of fun dancing with Woody, Buzz and Rapunzel (none of whom spoke!)


Then there was an attempt at a group photo before the characters left. It took a bit of an effort to get Scott to turn round and take his eyes off of Rapunzel:


SAM_5165 SAM_5169 SAM_5170

The dismayed look on Scott’s face may be due to his failed attempts at a Rupunzel cuddle! I unfortunately failed to capture his moment of glory when he won at Musical Statues. He was very chuffed.

What a fantastic time was had. Big thank you to the Birthday hosts:


Next week will undoubtedly bring a new set of challenges and I will blunder through, just making it through. I am starting to think that is the best thing to hope for. Making it.

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”
― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

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