Tuesday strip

It has been one of those weeks when I feel I have barely drawn breath. Busy, busy at work, Prelim marking, Parents night and general exhaustion. I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into marathon training, but again haven’t exactly felt energised on any of this week’s runs. I have been fortunate to get 4 morning runs in a row as Billy has been off, but I can’t help but contrast the logistics of fitting a run into my schedule at the moment with my previous marathon attempt 9 years ago when I just “thought” I was busy. Then there is the sleep issue. A good sleep before those long runs, eh? I hope Jess Ennis-Hill knows what she’s in for!

The normal Saturday routine has resumed with football and gymnastics. I got a week off the Mini-Kickers as Billy was off and took Scott. Scott had his Sheffield Wednesday strip on which he kept getting confused and calling his “Tuesday strip”, telling me that he does a “Days of the week song” at nursery. He really enjoyed his gymnastics this week, but his coach was rather confused by his attempts to jump off the box backwards or with a knee tuck a la Splash!

SAM_5048 SAM_5047

The weather was stinking again, so we went swimming afterwards and spent 2 hours jumping in the pool, with Scott trying out various different poses. He insists on about 5 minutes of preening and stretching prior to each jump!

He fell asleep just a few minutes before we reached homeSAM_5050, but unfortunately didn’t fancy giving me a wee half hour and refused to nap on the couch.

I made my second recipe from the Everyday Bakes book – Fudgy Raspberry Cake. It is a very rich and moist chocolate cake and really quick and easy to make.

SAM_5053 SAM_5056


A bit of a “blah” day today. Cant wait to get out and about a bit again. We had no water between arriving home at 4pm and 9pm so Scott kicked up fuss about not getting his bath and the dishes are only just done. Much more diving and dancing (Step up 3 was on) and BOOM weekend done!

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