Hello Scott!

Yesterday was a good wee day. Scott woke up at 6.06 and gave me an hour of hassle before he went back to sleep and didn’t wake up till 9am. I had to sneak out of bed at 8.20 to get ready (feeling refreshed for once!) and then we had to rush out the door to meet some friends at the Big Adventure for softplay. I had thought we would make 10 o’clock no bother, but the eventual lie- in made it tight timing. Scott had a lovely time as he is always desperate for friends to play with and he had 3 bigger kids so he was in his element. I also had the chance for a cup of tea and a chat which was great. Scott chose his outfit for the day and he thinks he is the bees knees with his Batman hat and t-shirt!


We had some smashing winter sun yesterday so we went to the park and skate park after lunch.


It was a popular idea as the park was very busy. It was also hilarious as it was a bit of social club for Scott. Every time I looked around it was “Hello Scott!” “Oh, hi, Jack,” or some other friend. It is really funny to see. It was the first I have been to Mackerston with him for ages so I could definitely see a change with all the nursery buddies he was spotting.SAM_5021

It was extremely cold and Scott wasn’t helping himself by repeatedly trying to strip down his layers to show people his Batman t-shirt.



I kept getting this wee cheeky monkey face playing hiding and chasing:



We also had a funny game on the “stepping stones” when I got to be Captain Hook  for once – and Scott was Jake (the Neverland Pirate).

SAM_5043 SAM_5042

Scott also had a wee scoot. It’s been a while:

SAM_5044 SAM_5045 SAM_5046

Billy and I finished yesterday with a trip to see Catching Fire at the cinema. I was not disappointed. It was brilliant!

As good as yesterday was, today was at best trying and at times very difficult.  I had a very tough run today in very stormy conditions. My first song was “Just Gotta Get Through This” and I did indeed battle through every step. Our day with Scott was a bad one. Part of the ups and downs of parenthood, but Scott has been in some mood all day. Every possible button has been pushed and every limit sought out. There have been battles over breakfast, lunch and tea, getting dressed, putting things away – you name it, he has moaned about it. He has also repeatedly shouted “You silly goose” when he hasn’t got his way. (The Grimm borthers’ Fairy Tales appear to be having a bad influence. These are the words of the evil dwarf in the tale “Snow White and Rose Red”. He also likes to talk about people and things falling down “stone dead” which also happens in this delightful tale.) I have rarely been so glad to see his bedtime!

Children are the proof we’ve been here… they are the best thing and the most impossible thing.
— Allison Pearson, I Don’t Know How she Does It

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