Grand theft Strawberry

Friday was a washout weather wise. We had plans to visit some friends in Skelmorlie, but the high tide closed the road and I was a bit too nervous to try driving elsewhere just in-case. Scott’s understanding of the situation was that there was “a waterfall across the road.” He was very cute about it though saying that he could put his wellies on and walk through it. He assured me that I wouldn’t even have to carry him. He was a bit disappointed not to be seeing some friends for a play, but he was a good wee boy nonetheless. We had a lovely playing at home day together. I am pleased to report that the castle is going well and he is enjoying playing with it! We watched Jungle Book and made our own Ka snake:


This sneaky snake was trying to steal a strawberry! Then things got really out of hand and the Cave Troll got involved:


Thing was, Scott half believed the Troll ate a strawberry. I took a bite out of the strawberry behind Scott’s back and it had him convinced.


He took drastic measures and hid the strawberries away in the kitchen – away from the troll! I love these play days so much and miss our time when I am back in busy work mode.

Another year, another Bake Off book. Scott quite enjoyed looking through my new book with me and I couldn’t resist trying one of the recipes. According to the tagline this book contains “100 foolproof recipes.” Well, we’ll see about that! I started from the very beginning with “Blackberry Buttermilk Sponge” As the name  suggests it is basically a sponge with buttermilk and blackberries. It is especially tasty warm and I think would be a good winter dessert with custard or cream.

SAM_5002 SAM_5008 SAM_5009

A nice simple start and good to make use of some Christmas presents (wire cooling rack and cake slicer -gratefully received presents from Billy’s folks!)

On Saturday we had an end of holiday treat at the Big Adventure softplay and Scott had his lunch there as well. He is still much more difficult with me in terms of going off to play by himself. He always wants someone to play with, but I am conscious that I can’t be there  with him all the time and he has to make his own way. Not always easy to step back, but it has to be done.

No indoor pictures are allowed so this is Scott’s “excited to be going to softplay” face:SAM_5011


I have had a wobbly start to 2014 with a bit of a bug. Billy and I attempted to go to the pictures on Monday as Scott had a nursery day and we were both off together and I made it to Lochwinnoch before admitting defeat and agreeing to turning back. (Will we ever see catching Fire on the Big Screen???) I was sick and nauseous all day and spent the rest of the day in bed. Tuesday was marginally better and I had been getting back to normal the rest of the week. Billy has been feeling blurgh too so much so that we were both grumbling and complaining about the NYE fireworks disturbing our sleep! Or maybe that’s just getting old? Anyway, this didn’t exactly kick start my running plans for the year. I  was just getting back into my running stride with a couple of runs under my belt when things took a real horrid turn on Saturday night. I went to bed at 8pm on Saturday night with a very heavy tummy, then between 1am and 6am I was running between bed and toilet with violent sickness and the other stuff. Felt really dreadful. Thankfully the explosions had stopped by Sunday morning but I felt destroyed all day. Mentally I am quite determined and focused, but physically I am somewhat shambling. Oh well, the return to work and the 6am starts will no doubt do me the world of good. (Or not.)

Fortunately Billy was off on Sunday so he took full-time control while I lay in bed feeling very sorry for myself. He took Scott to the pictures to see Frozen which seems to have been a big success. They then had a nice lunch together in the West End before heading home to play and watch some TV. Scott’s new favourite TV programme is….

photo 1

Can you guess?

photo 3

photo 2

Yes, indeed, Splash! is “awesome”.

Scott kept popping up to see me in my sick bed as the day progressed. Being ill with kids is just the worst. He kept asking me to come and play with him and told me I could “lie down to play” if I want! Thankfully I made it to work today and have felt better as the day progressed. Fingers crossed I can get myself back onto an even keel.

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