My best bakes of 2013

These are my 13 favourite bakes of 2013:

SAM_1249Easter Lemon Pavlova

SAM_1451Wolf Cake in honour of Scott’s love of the Big Bad Wolf

SAM_1593Red Velvet Cake – Can’t believe it took me till 2013 to make this baking essential.

SAM_1852Swedish strawberry cake – a taste of summer

SAM_1868Ice cream cone cupcakes – Just fun!

SAM_1958Three tier lemon cake – Billy’s cake

SAM_2198Jewel box cake for my Mum’s birthday

SAM_2466Paul’s Iced Fingers – Just a wee bit sicky!

SAM_3735Angel’s Food Cake – Week 1 of the Bakeoff

SAM_3866Petits Fours – Macaroons and blueberry bursts – home-made sherbet is brilliant!

SAM_4257Hazelnut dacquoise – Bakeoff technical challenge

SAM_4792Iron Throne Game of Thrones Cake – My crowning achievement?

SAM_3441 - CopyScott’s 3rd birthday cake – more of my signature grass!

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