My 2013

My 2013 in 13 pictures:

Scott got ill a couple of times this year. He had a sickness bug in April and chickenpox in the summer. I hate it when his liveliness is crushed. I am so thankful to have a healthy wee boy.SAM_1253

Sk8r boi. For months, Scott went everywhere by scooter.


Scott started really talking about his friends this year. He had his first birthday party with a friend from nursery that I didn’t know.SAM_1426

Transitions: In the past year Scott has lost his night-time dummy, his nappies, his highchair and his cot.SAM_1746

Conquering things: Scott wanted to get up this slide in Kelvingrove Park for ages this year. He finally made it in May.SAM_1811

We had a lovely summer and had so many paddle days.SAM_1926

Small steps: Scott completed the Steps in our nearest park in May. He was so pleased and proud.SAM_2046

The Singing Kettle: We discovered the Singing Kettle this year. We love it!


Summer holidays: I had lots of great day trips with Scott this year. He loved the water. This is one of my favourite days at Ayr Beach Park.SAM_2560

Darwin Forest – our summer holiday this year. I loved this place. I ran through this forest in the mornings and it felt like my own special place.SAM_3208

Jack and the Beanstalk: This picture represents a lot – the start of homework tasks, show and tell preparation, wanting Scott to feel proud of things his mum and dad have created for him and the loss of my boy’s beautiful baby curls. The tears did fall!SAM_4568

Great Scottish Run, Glasgow Half Marathon: I am getting more into my running this year and completing this race gave me such a sense of pride and achievement. I have signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon in 2014. Eek!SAM_4244

The 3 of us: We have very few pictures of the 3 of us. This is my favourite – on holiday together, bliss.


Farewell 2013. It’s been emotional. x

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