A Holiday House in Edinburgh

This weekend we had a lovely trip away to Edinburgh. We left on Friday after Billy had finished work so we had Friday morning to get ready. Billy is back to regular hours so unless I want to run during the night, the morning run is off the agenda again. Instead I attempted to have a go at an aerobics dvd. Scott was both bemused and amused for about 5 minutes and then got fed up waiting for me to finish. Eventually my “audience” got so restless that I started getting assorted farm animals thrown at me. I soon learned that aerobic jumping on plastic animals is very painful. Since Santa’s visit, I have also been learning about Lego pain – standing on Lego is so sore!

On Friday evening we had an early dinner in a authentic little Italian restaurant near to our apartment in the Botanic Gardens. Scott was perfecting his napkin mouth wiping technique. He wasn’t too chuffed about his tea in here as we didn’t get him his own and instead gave him bits off our plate. He wasn’t buying the sharing idea!


On my next trip to Edinburgh, I intend to wrap up MUCH warmer. It was bitingly cold all weekend and Scott struggled a bit sitting in the buggy on Saturday. We had a wander up to the castle.

SAM_4953 SAM_4954

Scott was a bit disappointed by the lack of trolls, knights and dragons at this castle. He was mildly impressed by the canons.SAM_4956

We were all so frozen to the core by this time that we had to seek refuge inside for a late breakfast/ early lunch. Scott’s eyes lit up when he saw his glass of water – Lemon Game!

SAM_4957 SAM_4958 SAM_4961 SAM_4962 SAM_4965 SAM_4967 This then became Lime Game when the lemon was sooked out!

Surely pancakes taste better!

SAM_4970 The excitement of the trip and the coldness took their toll on our little pirate a bit and he fell asleep as we headed to the theatre.

SAM_4971 That meant that he was oblivious about our next cafe instalment – a trip to a vegan cafe. Sadly I did not get photographic evidence of Billy consuming a hearty bowl of chunky vegetable soup – broccoli, cauliflower, the lot! I did promise not to hold it against him, though.

We had to waken Scott up to get to our seats, way way up in the Upper Circle for………


SAM_4974It’s amazing where Billy can fit in a nap!

SAM_4975 SAM_4979

SAM_4980 SAM_4983

The show was fantastic. Scott’s sword was confiscated due to over-enthusiastic thrusting in the direction of Captain Hook and then he inadvertently copied a wee bit of swearing from “James Bond” who declared that Hook was a “Shite” ……..”A shite for sore eyes!” Fortunately he doesn’t seem to have remembered and is instead focused on Tinker Bell’s references to “poop.”

After the panto we enjoyed the Edinburgh Christmas things. We had a go on the Big Wheel which was beautiful.

SAM_4984 SAM_4986 SAM_4987

Billy and I were both a tiny bit anxious with the swaying in the wind thing, but Scott didn’t seem to notice.

Scott is still prepared to keep his mum happy by coming on the carousel:


We were a blur, but Scott got off his horse towards the end of our shot to ask how he could get the horse to go faster!

Billy and I were both amused by the sleeping arrangements in our apartment. Both rooms had king-sized beds so Scott looked like a little doll sleeping in his bed!

SAM_4949    SAM_4948

We finished off our trip with a trip to Ratho – the International Climbing Centre on the way home. Billy and I did the aerial assault course a couple of years ago and we noticed it has a great softplay. We also thought Scott would quite enjoy seeing some of the climbing. Unfortunately the softplay was closed due to an electrical fault when we arrived so we had to go to the big playroom instead. Scott is really a bit past this area age wise, but we made the best of it.


He fair enjoyed building the blocks into a “jail” for himself and others!


The softplay opened just as we were leaving so we had an hour in there too. We then had a lovely lunch in the centre and Scott was very happy with his “lunch in a pail” – a sandwich, crisps, jellypot etc. delivered in a bucket!


We had a great trip, but could be doing with a few days to peacefully recover. I don’t think even Tinkerbell’s fairy dust will bring us that! 🙂

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