Christmas bakes

I usually go for a fruit cake for Christmas, but I decided to go for some sticky iced ginger this year for a change. This requires loads of black treacle and golden syrup which = lots of sticky mess! I tend to make a traditional style cake for my mum and dad so stuck to the usual theme. I got some lovely sugar paste decorations in Asda so stuck them on top of the Royal Icing which I attempted to peak to look like snow.


Last year I made a snowman cake so I thought a Christmas tree could be fun this year. I had a look on-line for inspiration and liked the idea of a stacked cake. This may yet prove to be an unwise choice given my previous slippage history! I made two gingerbread cakes and cut them into different sized bits before arranging them in a stacked fashion. Was clearly too in the zone for photos of this, so I can only offer the finished version! I then used food colouring to dye the fondant icing before dripping over the cake. It was tricky to get all bits covered due to constant dripping so I had to settle for “mostly covered”. Drying took a long time so while I was waiting I made some more icing in yellow, white and pink for the presents at the foot of the tree. The presents were cut from the off-cuts from the tree cake. I used Skittles for the decorations and piped some icing for tinsel. I also had another wee shot of my silver shimmer spray. Love that stuff! The piped icing was also needed for the “ribbon” for the presents.


Sadly the star is not edible – just tinfoil!

This Christmas Eve I didn’t want to risk going out and getting stuck due to the weather so we had an “in the house”day. I suggested that we could make some biscuits for Santa and asked Scott what type of biscuits Santa would like. He said: “Santa ones.” So that’s what we made!

SAM_4925 SAM_4924 This is just iced shortbread. The more I look at these though, the more I think Pirate! The red gel didn’t seem as potent as previous bottles so it was hard to get beyond a pinky colour for the hat.

We just made star shapes with the rest of the shortbread mix. I had to resist the urge to bring out the silver shimmer spray again! 🙂


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